Interior Mats Buying Guide

Quality interior car mats are an excellent purchase to protect and beautify your car's interior. You will have to kneel down and perform some repairing tasks in your car. These car mats and carpets that are soft and gentle make your kneeling tasks easier, so that you don't feel any pain on your knees.

Types of Mats

Rubber/PVC Car Mats: Hard wearing and high quality rubber and PVC mats are available in the market. You can also decide on weather-resistant mats. Rubber and PVC car mats can be categorised into types such as vehicle specific rubber/PVC mats, tailored mats, cut-to-fit car mats and heavy-duty mats.      

Vehicle Specific Mats: Vehicle specific mats are the ones that are exclusively designed to fit your vehicle foot perfectly. You have the option to choose these mats according to the carpet quality, colour and binding type to match your car interior.

Tailor-made Mats: Tailored mats fit exactly to your cars and are very easy to fit. These mats are specifically designed for a precise and custom fit for each vehicle. These mats are known to retain their shape for long time and for their durability.

Cut-to-fit Mats: Cut-to-fit mats are engineered after gathering thorough knowledge of the vehicle’s foot area to offer standard shaped foot wells a better fit. These cut-to-fit mats are strong and sturdy and are highly suitable for off road driving.

Heavy-duty Mats: Heavy-duty rubber mats for trucks and vans are specifically designed to match such type of heavy vehicles and to withstand off road dirt, snow, liquid or kids. These types of mats are both usable and hard wearing. 

Carpet Mats: Do you like to give your car a luxurious interior look? Then, carpet mats are the ideal choice. They also provide utmost protection for your original car interior and are kinder to your legs. These mats are extremely stylish and comfortable.

Universal Mats: Universal mats are designed to provide a reasonable fit to most of the vehicles when they are done some trimming.

Quick Picks 

Quick Picks

Car Mats for Corsa 07 :

These tailor-made 4 car mats will truly enhance the interior of your Corsa (RHD models only).  

Set of 4 Velour Car Mats with Non-Slip Backing :

Its universal shape fits most cars and is made of 100% polypropylene pile.  

4-piece Carpet Car Mat Set :

These car mats have 100% PVC backing to prevent slip and a polyester front for comfort. 

Quick Picks

Full Length Car Seat Under-Mat :

This mat is good to protect your car's upholstery from tears or indentations.  

Rubber and Carpet Car Mat Set :

These Polco black mats are heavy-duty, non-slip rubber mats with carpet inserts to keep your floors neat and tidy.  

Hello Kitty Car Mats :

Customise your car with these cute kitty car mats.

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