Protective Jackets Buying Guide

Protective jackets used by motorcycle riders need to give complete protection. Protective jackets are generally made of leather or textile materials. You need to look for the best quality in both types to ensure 100% protection.  

Classifications of Protective Jackets

  • Leather Jackets: Leather jackets designed for protective use are heavy, thick and specially designed to provide maximum safety. They are often equipped with armour for protection against injury from falling. Leather jackets are tested for impact abrasion, cut, tear and burst resistance. There are two types of leather jackets, namely cowhide leathers and kangaroo leather jackets. Cowhide leather jackets are traditional, heavier and protective. Kangaroo leather jackets are gaining popularity now due their combined feature of lightweight and strength.
  • Textile Jackets: Textile jackets are better than leather jackets in providing protection against heat, cold and water. They are made of materials such as nylon and Kevlar. These jackets provide additional ventilation and are more comfortable for motorcyclists. They are easy to maintain and dry soon when compared to leather jackets. However, textile jackets offer less abrasion protection than leather gear.
  • Airbag Jackets: These are heavy-duty protective jackets that have excellent functionality and utility. They incorporate a full airbag system within the jacket design. When a biker faces any impact, as he leaves the bike, the cord attached to the bike is pulled, thereby inflating the jacket in less than half a second to protect the biker.

Additional Tips for your Safety

  • Most of the motorcycle injuries occur in your legs and feet. So, make sure that you wear a pair of high boots and protective pants along with protective jackets.
  • Leather has been the traditional choice for motorcycle clothing, and till date, it is considered highly protective. Hence, it is best to go for leather jackets, gloves, boots and pants.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Halvarssons Shadow Leather Jacket :

This protective jacket has a number of safety and comfort features for motorcycle riders.

VANUCCI Art X Leather Motorcycle Jacket :

This leather jacket features double-layered panels, armours and other safety options for the improved protection of the rider.

Rida-Tec Summer Motorcycle Jacket :

This jacket prevents bone injury and abrasions using the latest Viscotec technology for building protective wear.

Quick Picks

Alpinestars T-Dyno Textile Jacket :

With its adjustable waist and sleeve cuffs, removable quilted liner and other advanced features, this textile jacket is the perfect choice for sport riding.

Snickers Protective Fleece Jacket :

This fleece jacket is wind-proof and breathable, and it also has a reflective tape on the chest and back.

Buffalo Samurai Motorcycle Jacket :

This waterproof textile jacket is abrasion resistant and features a detachable body warmer and Thermomix insulation.

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