Autumn Decorations Buying Guide

Ever jump into a freshly raked pile of leaves? That is the joy of autumn. Unless you live in a temperate or unchanging environment, autumn  is truly one of the best seasons of the year. For one thing, you get to use all the rich colours inspired by our beautiful outdoors. This is the perfect season for corn , pumpkins, falling leaves  and cornucopias. Decorate your entire home with these lovely and fun adornments!

Outdoor Decorations

 It is only proper to decorate the outdoors with faux plant life and grains or (at least) decorations that flow with the colour scheme. 


This kind of decoration is good for both indoor and outdoor use. A home-made wreath is easy to make and can be custom designed for your space.


Pumpkins are good for everything. They are decorative, delicious, and fun to carve. Why wouldn't you buy them? 

Flowers ,Plants , and Gourds 

Plants that can survive the cold weather:

 Sheaves of Wheat 

Unless you are planning to run these through the mill, they are mostly for decorative purposes. Place them out in front of your house or in the entrance way.

Dried Corn 

Dried corn can give an earthy touch to a modern environment or add to the charm of an already rustic home.

Inside the Home

Bring the richness inside without having to worry about squirrels and other pesky tree animals. 


These types of blankets give your room a new look without changing your furniture. They become more convenient as the weather gets cooler.

Candle Holders  and Candles 

Candles are a great accent no matter the season, but they are even nicer when the weather gets cold--they can help to make a room feel more cosy.


Autumn produce includes: 

Dried Flowers  and Leaves 

These work nicely as a seasonal basket filler. The rich colours blend well and can be mixed with aroma oils  or potpourri  for a delicious centrepiece or tabletop decoration. 


Potpourri is not only decorative but it smells delicious. Buy one that has all your favourite smells of the season such as cinnamon  and nutmeg , or you can make your own!

Autumn Colours

The prettiest part of the season is the colours you see when you step outside. Try to keep that colour scheme going inside and outside your home to match with the falling leaves.


Think a deeper red--closer to burgundy--and use that darker colour to tie all of your decorations together. Red ribbon ,red tablecloths , and dark red curtains  will add a nice, rich hue to your room.


One of the beautiful colours of the season! Anything from bright orange to dark, burnt orange can be used when decorating for autumn. Use this colour to add some extra pop in the form of candy dishes ,table runners , and pumpkin ornaments .

Gold Gold is a wonderful way to accent the drab. Think golden candlesticks ,caramel throw pillows , and replace your lampshades with shades in a soft golden colour for a warmer light .


Think a fresh, leafy green hue when decorating for fall that will add comfort and depth to your home. Green leaf decorations ,throw blankets  and deep green welcome mat. 

Decorating Tips

Now that you know the colour scheme of the season and you've picked up the necessary pieces to decorate, here are some tips to make your home look great.

  • Don't overdo it. With so many fun decorations out there, it's easy to go a little crazy buying them all. Consider the amount of space you have for decorations in your house first. Can you store out-of-season decorations elsewhere while you put up items for autumn? There's no set number for the amount of decorations to put in each room, but keep it to a minimum--you don't want your guests to be overwhelmed.
  • Real or artificial? Do you want to get fake wreaths and centrepieces that you can use next year? Or do you want to buy fresh produce and flowers every autumn? Consider the costs associated with replacing your decorations yearly and think about whether it's worth it for you to buy artificial decorations.
  • Multi-purpose decorations. Remember that when shopping for décor, pick up some autumn and Halloween themed decorations . This way you can keep them up until Thanksgiving and they will be relevant until the season is over.
  • Hitting all the spots: When running out of space, don't forget to look up! You can hang wreaths in the foyer or on the front door, and drape autumnal garlands over the entryway so it will be the first thing guests see when they walk in.

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