Autumn Style Guide

Most of us like looking good. Though some of us have an easier time figuring out the perfect thing to wear, it is always a bit of a struggle to keep up with the ever changing world of fashion. As the weather and the leaves begin to change, so do the latest trends. Fashion is just as seasonal as vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It seems, to many, like the second they catch on to a trend, it's already on its way out.  ShopWiki is here to keep you up-to-date on the hottest looks for autumn. 

Autumn Wardrobe: Women's


The runways still shows us styles with bold colour choices.  Neon orange  and magenta  are still in, and gorgeous jewel tones  make for wearable holiday outfits. 

Slim Silhouettes

From super skinny jeans  paired with a patterned tunic  to the classy pencil skirt , the look for fall is a slimming one.  When slim trousers  are topped with oversize layers, look to belts  to keep everything from becoming too overwhelming.  

Lots of Layers

When the chill comes around, nothing is cosier than a sweater  to warm things up.  Layered over a tank  or wrapped around skinny trousers , there are more options than we can keep up with. This autumn, in addition to sweaters, the fur vest  was the outer layer of choice.  

Prints Keep Coming

Prints  and patterns  have been the fashion focal point for a few seasons now, though this time around the prints aren't so over-the-top.  Black and white paisley topped the runways, as did small zig zigs  and dark florals. 

Tweeds and Houndstooth

As the autumn staples, expect to see checks ,plaids , and houndstooth  around this season.  However, tweed  gets kicked up a notch and fun and youthful colours, making it hot enough to wear out yet still appropriate for the office. 

Autumn Wardrobe: Men's

Noticeable Cuffs

Menswear has brought back noticeable cuffs on shirts ,trousers , you name it.  

Baggy Trousers

It's time to get some air and bid farewell to those skinny jeans of the past.  More and more designers have been pushing for baggy trousers , and it's a welcome relief. 


Perhaps the most surprising of trends to appear this autumn, men can look for sweaters  in comfy cosy crochet  material.  It's just like wearing Grandma's blanket.    

Small Suits

The skinny tie , small lapels, and tailored blazers  will keep your look trendy and simple for the office or a night out. 

Military Influence

Though military-style items are always popular for men, this season they are really coming forward.  Look for peacoats  and military jackets  as outerwear. 

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