Baby Carriers Buying Guide

Chances are, if you're on the go with a little one along, you'll need some way to not only transport your tot, but that will also allow you the use your armsshower'>baby shower present. It also depends on baby's weight. Some carriers are better for newborns, some can grow with your baby, and some work better for older babies. It just depends on what fits your baby, and what doesn't hurt your back. If you have back problems, check the weight distribution before buying.

Types of Baby Carriers

Things to Consider...

* Try before you buy. Be sure to place the baby in the carrier when testing the product. * Verify that you have the right kind of carrier for your baby's age and size. Infants and newborns need proper head and neck support in any carrier. * Find a carrier with a removable, washable fabric. * If others will be using the carrier, make sure it is adjustable. * Get a carrier that you can load your baby into and out of easily on your own. The backpacks are the trickiest to get the hang of, so make sure you get plenty of practice! * When your child hits 40 pounds, graduate to a stroller.


Here are a few different features a baby carrier might have. Consider how you will be using the carrier before spending money on these extra features. * '''front carriers. * '''sling carriers. * ''' Baby Bjorn * Evenflo * Infantino * Maya Wrap * Kelty

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