Baby Bath Towels Buying Guide

Bath time can be enjoyable if matched up with the right accessories and necessities. To pat dry your baby, you need a quality baby bath towel that offers the baby a soothing comfort. 

Baby Bath Towel Materials

Baby bath towels are typically made from natural fabrics like cotton or bamboo and other fabrics like fleece. Knit terry cotton and bamboo are truly soft fabrics. Disposable paper bath towels are comfortable for usage during travels.   There are double sided bath towels made of two different fabrics on each side. They include one water absorbent side made of bamboo or cotton to pat the baby dry and the other quick dry side made of fleece, which will keep the baby warm.  

Types of Baby Bath Towels

Baby bath towels are available with or without hoods. Hooded towels make babies look adorable while keeping them warm by covering their head. Baby bath wraps are the latest hybrid form of baby bath towels that can be tied around your neck like an apron, while you wrap your baby in it.  Baby bath towels are available in pastel or bright colours and in different sizes with fun patterns. Themes may be in the form of prints, embroidery or appliqué work. Run your fingers along the towel to ensure that patterns or stitches do not make the towel feel scratchy.  


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