Baby Bath Tubs Buying Guide

Rubtub'>baby bath tub to safely support your baby while you bathe him or her. A small portable baby tub will save you from straining your back while attempting to clean your child in a traditional tub. Opting to wash your baby in a sink can be dangerous as the sink area can get slippery and may contain household germs. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when buying a tub for your baby.

What to Look For

* A contoured edge for comfort and easy carrying. * A plug at the base for easy draining. * Collapsibility for easy storage. * An indented section for holding soap, washcloths, shampoo and other bath necessities might be helpful. * While tubs were traditionally made of cushions. If you prefer to go with the plastic models, look for a strong, sturdy one with a soft sponge interior. * Models with hammocks or cradles for the newborns are especially helpful in keeping your baby in place without a slippery surface to worry about. Backrests are ideal for a baby old enough to sit up unaided. Some have both features so that the tub can grow with your baby.  * Bottom Line? You'll spend between $15 to $30 for this baby necessity.


It's always best to gather all of your supplies before starting to give your baby a bath. Make sure you have all of these things on hand to make the experience easier, and remember to never leave your baby unattended while bathing.


* Eurobath (by Primo) * Safe Bather (by Leachco)

After Bath

A few items to make sure you have on hand when getting your child out of the tub.

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