Baby Bathtubs Buying Guide


Mr. Ducky  can make bath time oh so fun, but before we get the accessories, we need the bathtub .  Tubs come in different shapes and sizes so that you can decide what is right for your baby.  If you don't know what to choose, that is a-okay, that is why we're here.  Bathtime does not need to be scary, but you should be careful and always keep your eyes on baby.  Even in a secure bathtub, it is never ok to walk away while baby is in water!


Traditional Counter Top Tub 

Babies start needing baths at 2 to 3 weeks old. At this point they are so small that leaning over the adult bathtub can be painful for mum and dad or dangerous for baby.  Countertop bathtubs help to eliminate this problem by allowing mum and dad to stand at a comfortable height and hold on to baby.

  • While the tubs are designed to help baby sit up this does not mean he or she should ever be left alone.

Hammock Tub 

Counter tubs with hammocks or soft spongy linings to help baby sit up can be a great starting block when introducing bath time.  It makes baby feel extra secure in his or her surroundings.  As baby grows, the hammock can be removed so the tub can get extra use for the next couple of months.

  • Some babies don't take to water as well as others. In this case, ease them into a routine and sing and play with them. If you are happy, they will be happy.

Bath Seat 

At about six months, baby will begin to learn to sit up.  It may be scary at first, but this means more fun in the bath.  A bath seat suctions to the bath floor and gives support to baby as he or she sits up and splashes around.  Introduce some fun interactive toys, and you can make bath time learning time as well.

  • The bath seat is no substitution for supervision. Children should never be left alone without a parent next to them.

Bath time

Making a decision on a bathtub is important when it comes to baby's safety, but keeping baby happy is always on your mind.  Here are some ways to help keep your child safe and happy all at the same time.

  • Have an unhappy bather? Keep a smile on your face and sing songs. Babies are in tune with your mood. The happier you are, the happier they are.
  • A tub thermometer  may help to keep the water temperature perfect. It may be hard to get the water right the first time just by feel. If you are nervous, this genius product will help.
  • Read our shampoo  buying guide for tips on shampoos that wont irritate baby's eyes. We want baby to be squeaky clean and happy, not sad.
  • When baby graduates from a counter top bath tub to a seat in the adult tub, it may be time to introduce bath toys . Keep it simple--there doesn't need to be a toy store in the tub.

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