Baby Gloves and Mittens Buying Guide

Gloves and mittens for babies are used for their functionality and they protect the tiny hands of your baby.  Gloves have separate pocket for each finger and get easily fitted around, thus keeping the tiny fingers of the babies, warm and protect them from harsh, cold winter breeze.Mittens do not have a separate pocket for each finger; instead there is one opening for the thumb while all the other fingers get enclosed in a single big pocket. So mittens restrict the movement of fingers when compared to gloves.

Fabric and Style of Gloves

Gloves are available in a diverse range of styles and fabric. You can go for gloves made from wool, cotton, fleece or nylon for your baby. A stretchable glove, which can fit your baby’s palms now and when your baby grows up as well, is a nice pick. You can also go for the old-fashioned big sized ones which ensure warmth and protection. Gloves are available in a wide variety of colours and you can pick the appropriate one to go with your baby’s dress.  

Fabric and Style of Mittens

The mittens are great for rough use. Most woollen and spun made mittens come in one-size fits-all increment for babies.  You can also buy cute themed bear-paw-shaped mittens for your baby. They have drawstrings at the wrists, grip pads on the paws and flaps to free the little hands without taking it off. 

Water proof gloves and mittens come in handy during rainy weather. It is always wise to go for the machine washable ones.  

Mittens find specialised uses too. Your baby’s fingernails grow very fast and they are very sharp. It is difficult to cut them too, especially for newborns.  The no-scratch mittens prevent nail scratches in babies. 

Quick Picks


Quick Picks

MP Navy Blue Stripe Baby Mittens:

 The baby mittens contain beautiful stripes in baby blue and are comfortable for your baby.   

Organic Cotton Baby Mittens with Flower:

 The organic cotton Baby mittens can be personalised to the colour you want with contrast flowers on them. 

Fair Trade Baby Alpaca Fingerless Mittens:

The mittens are made of alpaca wool and available in several contemporary colours. 

Quick Picks

Arctic Fox Baby Mittens:

The arctic fox baby mittens protect from cold. They feature a cute dinosaur motif and Velcro strap. 

Lilac Baby Mittens:

The lilac baby mittens are handcrafted and are 4 inches in length with woollen ties.

Baby Mittens, Organic Wool:

The wool mittens with Knitted ribbed cuffs keep you warm.  

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