Baby Monitors Buying Guide

We know when baby first comes home, you probably won't leave him or her alone for a single second, but when you do finally decide to leave the room when baby sleeps, you'll need a monitor .

Baby monitors are available at many different price points, and the cost mostly matches the fancy things the monitor can do. If you are looking for low cost, go for a simple one way monitor with no bells and whistles. If you want to go high end, look for new monitors with video screens. Now you can see your baby as well as hear him or her!

Baby Monitors

Audio Only

With all the fancy products out there, you may be more likely to choose a higher end baby monitor. While they are very convenient and come with a video screen, you may also want to consider something simple, like an audio monitor  with fewer breakable features. 

Some audio-only monitors also come with lights to signal how loudly your baby is crying. If you turn off the volume, you will still be able to see that your baby needs you. 

 Audio with Special Features

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that only 16 years ago I played with my brother's baby monitor like a walkie- talkie. What is even harder to come to terms with is now these baby monitors have music, thermometers and timers all conveniently packaged into one hand set.

They are now even equipped with motion detectors , which only turn on when they sense your baby is making noise-- this saves a lot of battery power!

Fisher-Price Sounds 'N Lights 
Fisher Price Lights and Vibration 

 Audio and Video

The combination audio and video monitor  is the big thing to have now. With its video screens and programmable timer and thermometer, you practically don't have to set foot into your nursery.

Some screens are bigger than others, but they are all said to be practical enough for the purpose. Now when your baby makes noise, you can see if he or she needs help or is having sweet dreams.

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