Baby Powder Buying Guide

When your baby is in nappies, you can expect to get a case of nappy rash. There is probably no way to totally stop it from happening, but baby powder  can help prevent it from occurring often.

What it does:
Baby powder  is a pretty fantastic product. When baby powder is applied to skin, it absorbs moisture.

Why use it?
Because baby powder absorbs liquid, it helps to keep skin dry and soft when putting a nappy  on your baby. Without baby powder, it can be easy for your baby's skin to become irritated. By keeping your baby's skin dry, you are preventing your baby from developing a skin rashes caused by bacteria growing in moist warm areas.

How to apply:
The common practice for applying baby powder is to place some in the palm of your hand and apply to the nappy area. You want to AVOID getting the powder near your baby's face. Breathing in baby powder is not good for you or your baby's lungs.

Talc vs. Corn Starch:
Manufacturers of baby powder have been replacing talc products with corn starch. Talc or talcum powder has been linked to some types of cancer, as well as pneumonia, if the powder is breathed in. Corn starch is a healthier alternative and when applied, it has the same effect as talc. Studies are still being done on the link between talc and lung and ovarian cancer, but these products have not been taken off the shelves yet. Make sure to read the labels of the powders you use so you can avoid using talc products.

Types of Baby Powder

Baby powder is manufactured by many baby product manufacturers including:
Johnson & Johnson 
Burt's Bees  and
Avalon Organics 

Scented baby powder can make baby smell oh-so-good.
Lavender & Chamomile 
Vanilla & Jasmine 

Organic and herbal baby powders are available from special manufacturers such as:Green Baby baby powder 
Johnson's pure cornstarch powder 

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