Baby Powder

Keeping your baby fresh and dry is the best preventative measure against diaper rash. That's why using baby powder is excellent after a bath or when changing a diaper. Use alone or before applying the diaper rash ointment. Since baby powder is so soft and pleasant-smelling, you may find that you use it on yourself just as often! Of course, it's best to avoid diaper rash altogether.  To keep this irritating condition at bay, change your baby's diapers frequently and try to let the baby go without a diaper for a period of time (not suggested during waking hours). For more tips on preventing diaper rash, visit

Is Baby Powder Safe to Use?

* '''When Buying''' -- Never purchase a powder containing talc. Talc is toxic and known to cause cancer. It can also be dangerous if inhaled. Stick with brands that contain cornstarch. For more information about talc and its relation to cancer, check out the Cancer Prevention Coalition. * '''When Using''' -- Keep the powder clouds away from your baby's face to avoid inhalation. To do this, don't sprinkle the directly on your baby -- apply a small amount to your hand and smooth over the area. Never use baby powder on broken skin, as it may cause infection.

Common Manufacturers

* Johnson & Johnson -- Definitely the most popular brand when it comes to baby powder. ** It promises to be "unsurpassed in softness and hypoallergenic." ** There are a variety of types to choose from, including Lavender & Chamomile, Pure Cornstarch with Aloe & Vitamin E and Vanilla & Jasmine. * Geber's Roll-on Baby Powder -- Since the powder rolls directly onto the skin, there's no cloud, no mess and no dust. ** The single rollball places the powder exactly where you want it. ** This product is not recommended for certain rashes (such as yeast-based rashes) because the fungus could get on the roller and infect your baby again. * Desitin -- Uses zinc oxide in combination with cornstarch to protect and clear up diaper rash. * Burt's Baby Bee Dusting Powder -- Unique formula contains powdered herbs, flowers, cornstarch, buttermilk and slippery elm bark to absorb wetness and relieve chafing and heat. ** 100% talc free.

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