Baby Bedding Blankets Buying Guide

When it comes to baby bedding blankets, you have to be even more attentive so as to a blanket which will make your baby feel comfortable while sleeping. Here are some types of baby bedding blankets, which will help you while shopping. 

Types of Baby Bedding Blankets

  • Fleece Blanket: This blanket is made from fleece, which is a synthetic fabric. The 100% polyester fabric allows moisture transfer effectively. This helps in the evaporation of the moisture, so that the fabric remains dry and retains its insulation. Ultimately, the exact amount of warmth is offered to the baby. This blanket is easy to wash and stain-resistant.
  • Cotton Blanket: This bedding blanket is made from the seeds of the cotton plant which is breathable, cool and soft. It can be sterilised or ironed, as it is resistant to heat. This blanket keeps your baby comfortable during hot, summer seasons.
  • Cashmere Blanket: It is a lightweight material, which is very warm and soft. For this reason, this blanket is considered ideal to be used in both your baby’s bed and on your baby’s stroller.
  • Flannel Blanket: Such blankets are made from a fabric called flannel, which is a mixture of cotton and silk. It not only offers comfort to your baby, but also comes in a broad spectrum of colours.
  • Knit Baby Blanket: This kind of blanket is usually handmade by someone, usually, as a token of love and affection for the child. One advantage about such blankets is that it can be knit in any colour you desire.      

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Angel Baby Bedding Sailor Bedding Set :

This is the perfect choice to decorate your baby’s bedroom. It includes 3 side cot bumper, pillow case, crib sheet and duvet cover.

Koo-Di Fluffy Baby Blanket :

This blanket may be used as an additional layer of bedding or a play rug for your baby, keeping him warm.

My Baby Fleece Blanket :

This blue, anti-piling, polyester fleece blanket is machine washable and is suitable for tumble drying.

Quick Picks

Pram Fleece Blanket – Prickles and Whiskers :

This is a soft, warm and luxurious blanket. 

Lollipop Lane Fish and Chips Classic Bedding Bale :

This baby blanket is designed with embroidery to offer a pretty look. It is machine washable at 40 degrees.

Red Castle Sport Cotton Baby Wrap :

This hooded and shaped snuggle blanket is ideal for baby from birth to 6 months.  

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