Baby Security Blankets Buying Guide

Babies make it a habit to use only one security blanket which they adore. Security blankets remove fear and uneasiness from a baby and soothe your child. So in case you need to wash the blanket, it is good to have two or three similar ones to replace them. Baby security blankets also function as swaddling blankets for wrapping the new born. They are ideal while travelling and can easily fit on baby carriers and prams.


Traditional fabrics like cotton, wool, flax and silk are used to make security blankets. Make sure these materials when woven are still breathable. Synthetic fibers are also used, however [prefer organic hypoallergenic materials when you buy security blankets. They are safe. The blankets should be fluffy and lightweight with silk lining and trims for a soft feel.    

Safety Precautions

Sometimes babies choke on their blankets and suffocate accidently. So always carefully watch babies and toddlers when they are playing with security blankets. Never let babies sleep with the security blankets unattended.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Taglet Security Blanket :

The security blanket is a mix of cotton and chenille and is a sleep comforter for your baby.

Personalised Baby Security Blanket /teddy Bear :

The teddy bear security blanket is fluffy and is adored by babies and toddlers. 

Kids Line Katie Little Teddy Bear Security Blanket Pink :  

The teddy bear security blanket is your child’s best friend and soothes him or her to sleep.  

Quick Picks

Baby Lovie Security Blanket in Cheetah Print :

The cheetah print security  blanket is soft and fluffy with black polka dots on them.

Kiddopotamus HuggaCub Luxe Baby Security Blanket :

The blanket is ideally sized and is made of soft microfiber fabric with satin trim.descriptiontext 

Small Lavender Chenille Baby Security Blanket :

The cute and soft lavender coloured blanket is made of chenille.  

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