Baby Sippy Cups Buying Guide


A sippy cup has a spout, handles and a lid to help a baby drink without spilling. Babies are introduced to sippy cups when they are around six months old.

Types of Baby Sippy Cups

Generally, baby sippy cups are made of food-grade plastic. Plastic sippy cups are preferred as they are durable, just in case, your baby throws it the first few times! Melamine sippy cups are available in various colours and there are also transparent ones, which enable you to keep a check on the quantity of the liquid. Thermos, stainless steel sippy cups can be introduced only after the baby has learnt to grip and handle them properly as they are slightly heavier than normal, plastic ones. Insulated sippy cups ensure that the drink - milk or juice, retains its temperature for a while.

There are sippy cups without handles as well. They can be introduced only when the baby has a firm grip. Start with a sippy cup with a soft and pliable, rubber spout. Some have a valve that enables fast flow of the liquid. The lid can be a screw-on or snap-on lid but ensure that it is tight and does not open easily.

Quick Picks


Quick Picks

One Special Girl Sippy Cup :

Gift this adorable sippy cup to a little girl on her first birthday!

Disney Princess Soft Spout Sippy Cup :

This is a plastic sippy cup with Disney’s Cinderella on it.

Avent Magic Cup with Soft Spout & Handle :

 This sippy cup with AVENT Magic Valve provides a continuous flow of liquid offering an easy transition from bottle to cup.

Quick Picks

Elodie 'Petit Royal' Princess Sippy Cup :

This is a pretty pink cup with a royal crest for little girls.

Armani Baby Blue Sippy Cup in a Box :

This melamine cup has a multi-flow valve and a blue top.

Minnie Mouse Soft Spout Sippy Cup :

This has a spill-proof design for easy drinking.

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