Baby Blankets and Sheets Buying Guide

Baby blankets and sheets are a must if you have a baby at home. Not only do they protect your little one from cold, but they also provide a base layer to prevent the baby mattress from getting dirty. Pushchair blankets and sheets are equally important to give the baby a comfy ride!

Baby Blankets Materials

  • Acrylic cellular blankets dry quickly and are light in weight.  Even though they are priced similar to cotton blankets, acrylic blankets might not be as soft as cotton.
  • Cotton blankets are cool during summer and warm during winter. They are lightweight as well and are usually machine washable.
  • Fleece blankets have the ability to wick moisture away from the skin and babies will stay much more comfortable in fleece due to this. 

Types of Baby Sheets

  • Flat sheets are most often used along with baby blankets as a top sheet.  But sometimes, they can be put over the mattress as well.  When compared to fitted sheets, these flat sheets tend to look very clumsy.
  • Fitted sheets can be used when your baby starts tossing and turning in bed.  As they are fitted, they won’t ruffle due to a squirmy baby! But fitting them can become tricky if the mattress is heavy or stiff. 

Tips for Selecting Baby Blankets and Sheets

  • Choose baby blankets that are highly durable and of good quality material as they are subjected to high wear and tear.
  • You should not buy baby blankets and sheets that are treated with chemicals as a baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. It could trigger rashes and other harmful skin conditions. 

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Knitted Heart Pram Blanket :

This is a pretty blanket with heart design.

Baby Blue Super Soft Cuddle Blanket :

This is a snugly blanket that comes with a gift tag.

Pooh & Piglet Personalised Baby Blue Blanket :

This printed blanket is perfect for the cot or pram.

Quick Picks

Toby Tiger Stripy Green/Blue Baby Blanket :

This cute blanket is made of organic cotton.

My Baby Fitted Jersey Sheets Natural :

This pack has two baby sheets in natural, pastel hues.

Baby Zoo Fitted Cot Bed sheet :

This is a light brown, fitted cot bed sheet.

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