Baby Monitors Buying Guide

Baby Monitors helps you to keep track of your baby remotely from another room. It is also known as a baby alarm. Bi-directional baby monitors allow the parents or caregiver to speak to the baby. The monitor has two sections where one is placed near the baby and the other with the mother. It can function both with battery and directly through electricity.

Types of Baby Monitors

  • Audio monitors - This is a basic transmitter that you place in your baby's room and the receiver goes wherever you are.
  • Audio and movement monitors - This is made of three parts:  a transmitter is placed in them, a pad is placed underneath the bay’s mattress to keep a track on the baby’s movement and a receiver.
  • Audio and video monitors - They consist of a small camera that can keep track of your baby’s movement on-screen. Some models even have infrared cameras that help in the dark. You can also get to know the room temperature of the baby's room.

Standard Features

  • On/off button: You need to have it switched on only when in use and thereby save battery and power life.
  • Range: Most monitors broadcast for 300-600 feet.
  • Volume: The volume can be controlled and some of them come with a vibrator option.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance Baby Monitor :

The system technology in the Classic Advance baby monitor is feature rich and is simple and effective. 

BT Baby Monitor :

The baby monitor features digital technology with high definition sound and sensitive light.

BT Digital Baby Monitor :

The BT Digital Baby monitor features parents talk back option and polyphonic ringtones.  

Quick Picks

Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor :

You can relax as your baby will be always safe with the baby monitor in place. 

Graco Baby Monitor Single Pack :

The Graco Baby monitor allows for crystal clear clarity in digital display and security. 

Tixylix Baby and Child Monitor :

The baby and child monitor features LED lights, two channels and volume control. 

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