Baby Rain Clothes Buying Guide

Have you equipped your child with the right rain wear? Children’s raincoats are often constructed of soft rain resistant fabrics. A rain jacket may be combined with a pair of rain pants to make a rain suit.

Types of Baby Rain Clothes

* '''Raincoats''': Raincoats should be lightweight. Large buttons will be useful for easy dressing. The hood of the raincoat should be removable. Raincoats for baby girls come in stylish and elegant shapes and designs. Double breasted raincoats for girls come with beautiful button details and roomy pockets. Cotton-lined raincoats with cotton terry lining are comfortable for regular use. * '''Rain Cape''': Capes are sleeveless long outer garments that cover only the back half of the wearer, fastening around the neck. Apart from protecting the child, these rain capes also give carrier protection. Rain capes should have taped seams. Baby rain capes should be universal fit to suit any style of stroller. * '''Jackets''': Rain jackets are used to refer to waist length raincoats. They come in stylish and contemporary designs and colours. Classic rain jacket fastens with press stud buttons and has a useful hood. * '''Rain Suits''': These waterproof jackets should feature a snug fleece lining and fleece trimming to the hoods for extra warmth.

Rain Accessories for Children

Apart from raincoats and jackets, children need several other products to bear the rain. * '''Umbrellas''': Umbrella is essential to brighten any child's rainy day. * '''Rain Boots''': The Wellington boot, also known as rubber-boots, wellies or rain boots are a type of boot meant for wet weather. Boots made of latex rubber with an overall print and jersey lining. * '''Rain Hats''': Rain hats for babies and toddlers should keep the baby snugly warm. Organic wool winter hats are designed to keep the baby’s head and ears warm.

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* Bush Baby * Phil and Teds * Clippasafe

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