Baby Rockers and Chair Bouncers Buying Guide

Baby rockers  and chair bouncers  are a fun and safe distraction for our baby while allowing  you to accomplish your daily chores.

Benefits of Baby Rockers and Chair Bouncers

Baby rockers and chair bouncers  not only provide a soothing rock, they also educate the babies in a fun way.  

  • The interesting and colourful toys  shaped like animals , birds and flowers placed around the seat helps to enhance baby’s colour recognition skills, eye-hand coordination and motor skills as he tries to reach out and grasp the toys.

Features to Look For while Selecting Baby Rockers and Chair Bouncers

  • Safety  is a major concern for babies so the baby bouncer seat should be sturdy enough to hold baby’s weight. A steady neck support is also essential as it holds the head in place, particularly when the baby is asleep.  
  • The bouncer seat must have vibration setting  which helps babies to sleep and give them a feeling of being in their mother’s care.
  • It should contain side pockets to hold essentials. A built-in handle  allows you to take baby from one place to another. A foldable bouncer or rocker  is portable and easy for storage.  
  • Baby chair bouncers can be sometimes converted into swings  for older babies to play in.

Baby Rockers and Chair Bouncers Brands

Quick Picks


Chicco Relax and Play Baby Bouncer Baby Sketching :

 The baby bouncer is suitable for babies from birth to until they are 9 kilograms of weight. 

Fisher-Price Baby Studio Wooden Rocker :

The wooden rocker which can also be converted into a stationary seat consists of nature sounds and vibration. 

Cosatto Goo-Goo Little Bunni Baby Rocker :

The baby rocker features a soft head hugger and a seating cushion. 


Hauck Baby Bouncer Bungee :

The baby bouncer has a head support insert that is removable and toys which delight the baby.   

Graco Cosy Bouncer - Hedgerow :

 The Graco cosy Bouncer calms, relaxes and soothes your baby. 

Royal Rocker by Bettacare Lilac Check :

The Royal Rocker features a machine washable quilt and is a perfect feeding seat.

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