Baby Sleeping Bags and Togs Buying Guide

Sleep is of great importance for good health and growth of the baby. Sleeping bags  and togs  create a comfort zone for babies to get sound sleep. They are more safe and comfortable than sheets  and blankets .

Right Type of Baby Sleeping Bags and Togs

  • Look for baby sleeping bags and togs  made out of quality material. They need to be made of filling and fabric that is non-toxic.
  • Go for baby sleeping bags and togs made up of cotton  (preferably organic ). 
  • Get one size larger sleeping bags  to comfort your child.
  • The amount of stuffing inside the baby sleeping bags  and togs should be checked as it is directly proportional to the warmth created inside it.  For instance, during summer the tog in the sleeping bag can be lowest and during winter it can be the maximum. 
  • Easy-to-wash  materials can be chosen as the cleanliness factor is important for the babies to stay healthy and safe from allergies and infections.  Machine washables are most often preferred.

Top Sellers

Quick Picks


Princess and the Pea Baby Sleeping Bags :

These bags have shoulder fastenings and side zip, easy to use as it opens out flat. 

Grobag Baby Sleeping Bags with Tractor Prints :

 These sleeping bags have shoulder popper fastening straps and blue trim. 

Cosatto Magic Wishes Baby Sleeping Bags :

These bags can be machine washed and tumble dried, made using pure cotton and available in pink colour. 


Butterfly Themed Dream Bag Baby Sleeping Bags :

 With full zips, these sleeping bags make it easy to open up and close. 

Lollipop Lane Rosie Posy - Baby Sleeping Bag :

 It is ideal if you your baby is 0-6 Months (70cm).  

Organic Baby Sleeping Bags :

 Made out of organic cotton and using organic print, these baby sleeping bags are ideal for holidays and high summer. 

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