Baby's First Christmas Buying Guide

Having a new baby is always exciting. For a time filled with firsts, one might think that the first Christmas both you and your new baby experience would not feel all that magical. Christmastime, however, always has a sentimental element to it, and your baby's first Christmas increases the love surrounding the holiday. So how do you ensure that your little jewel has an extra-special Christmas? Check out our tips and related products!

How to Celebrate

  • Make a scrapbook ! It's important to have a digital camera  at hand to capture all the special moments. Whether you want to purchase a pre-made Baby's First Christmas scrapbook  or make your own, it'll ensure that the sentimental value of the event is preserved.
  • Consider getting a digital camcorder  to record video of events like your baby opening (or attempting to open!) his or her first gift. A digital camera will allow you to easily share the video via Internet with friends and family around the world.
  • Start a special tradition. Come up with a song to sing every year or a meal to have every Christmas Eve. Keep up the tradition every year (otherwise it wouldn't really be a tradition, would it?) and remind your child that it started with his or her first Christmas.
  • Buy a special ornament . There are plenty of ornaments that say "Baby's First Christmas" and whatnot, but you could also make your own ornament or purchase an ornament that has special meaning. Look for ones that allow you to place your favourite photograph from your baby's Christmas inside the ornament. Look for ornaments that are durable and won't break easily; it'll save you major heartbreak. Make sure you hang the ornament up every year!
  • If your baby has siblings, involve them in the celebration too. Let them help the baby open gifts, read him or her stories, or hang up the special ornament on the tree. If they are old enough, let them take pictures with a camera (they'll be happy with a disposable camera... higher quality cameras are likely to be dropped in the holiday excitement).

Gift Ideas

Special Christmas Gifts

First Ornament 

Ornaments are the most popular gift idea, so you are going to want to make sure yours comes off unique.

First Christmas Dress 

For the new little princess, a Christmas dress is a perfect choice. Velvet is a classic material to dress her up in.

Spot's First Christmas 

Spot has been around for decades, and your little one can share a first Christmas with his story.

Baby's First Bank 

Help them start their college fund early by giving them their first piggy bank, which will be a gift they use for years.

Keepsake Silver Baby Rattle 

A baby rattle is a typical gift, but a keepsake one is far more special. They can often be personalized as well.


Building Blocks 

Building blocks are a classic toy that babies can discover when young but also play with as they grow older.

Comfy Cozy Baby Gund 

Gund is a popular stuffed animal brand. They offer blankets for the littlest ones that'll serve to keep them warm and with plush company.

Baby Mobiles 

Mobiles engage infants' curiosity and visual abilities at a young age, and will keep them entertained in the crib.

Baby's First Teddy Bear 

The first teddy bear will be their favourite plush, guaranteed. I still have mine from 24 years ago.

Name Train 

A name train can be a wonderful room decoration when young and a great toy when they develop tactile skills.


Baby Socks 

Always needed and always cute, baby socks are the perfect stocking stuffer.

Baby Shoes 

Shoes and slippers are great gifts, but make sure you know the right size before you buy.

Outfits for Onesies 

Onesies are great because they are easy to take on and off yet remain on the baby through all the holiday fun.

Infant Robe 

Infants need to keep warm when they get out of the tub, so a robe will keep them snuggly and dry.

Baby Hat 

Christmas means cold weather, so you can never go wrong with a knit hat.

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