Baby's First Christmas Guide

Christmas, they say, is for children.  This holiday, plan ahead with your holiday shopping for toys, clothing and books. Celebrate this momentous occasion for your new baby boy or girl by making this an event to remember. Beyond the gifts, make an effort to involve your child in all of the holiday activities!  Use your digital camera or camcorder to record the events for posterity (since your little one probably won't remember much). You can even start a scrapbook for your baby that will progress with him or her throughout the years to come.

Get Out That Camera!

You won't want to miss these important moments! * The first visit to Santa. * Placing the first ornament on the tree. * Opening the first present on Christmas morning. * Photos of all the generations of family gathering together. Be sure to write the names of all the relatives on the photos!

Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas

Specialty Items



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