Bakeware Buying Guide

Home-baked goods always taste better than anything you can buy in a store. After all, finally sitting down to a warm muffin or a slice of cake after you've worked on it for an hour (or a few hours) is very rewarding! Making sure you have the right bakeware for the task is important. Don't forget, you'll also need plenty of mixing bowls, measuring cups, an apron, and maybe even a hand mixer. Get ready, get set, get baking!

Bakeware Materials

When it comes to bakeware, there are a few different materials to choose from. Traditional choices like ceramic and metal are joined by relative newcomers like silicone and glass. (Of course, oven-safe glass isn't all that new - Pyrex® was introduced to the market in 1915.) How do they compare?


Specialized Bakeware

Baking Accessories

Bakeware Sets

Sometimes when purchasing bakeware, it's just easier to buy a set that has a few basic pieces you might need for your kitchen. Check out the sets below.  

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