Barbecue Tools Buying Guide

Barbecuing requires a whole separate set of equipment from your daily kitchen utensils. To grill effectively, you at least need the basics. Often you can buy sets of tools, but if you have specialized needs you might want to acquire each piece individually.  Most grill tools have longer handles and are built to withstand more abuse than their indoor counterparts. Strong (often wood) handles and a comfortable grip are must-haves.


More Options

Specialized Accessories

Many accessories are meant for grilling very specific foods; as with any kitchen gadget, they're really only necessary if you make a certain dish on a regular basis. A standard grill basket is very useful, and can do many of the same things that more specialized tools can do.  

Grilling Tips

* There are two ways to grill which require using direct heat or indirect heat--keep in mind that for each method of grilling your technique will vary depending on whether you use a charcoal or gas grill. * Heat your grill up before using it to cook. * Grease your grill grates before using them to avoid lots of messy clean-up. * Marinating meat before cooking can help to tenderize and prepare it for cooking. * Always use tongs when turning your meat so you are not poking holes in the food, thereby allowing natural juices to escape.

Outdoor Cooking Alternatives

These cookers are designed to be used outside, but are slightly different from a grill. If you are looking to try a different type of outdoor cooking, then consider some of the models below.

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