Barbecue Tools Buying Guide

Barbecue.  Barbeque.  Bar-B-Que.  Bar-B-Q.  BBQ.  Barbie.  No matter how you spell or pronounce it, we are all talking about the same thing.  With so many techniques, recipes and grills, the one universal truth about barbecues is that the key to a great barbecue lies in being prepared and having all the right tools.  After all, a spy is only as good as his gadgets.  To bring the family together for a nice meal, make sure you have all of your barbecuing essentials; you'll not only enjoy the food, but each other's company as well.

Barbecue Essentials

Whether you use gas or charcoal, these are the essentials you will need for a great grilling experience.  A barbecue tool set  would make a great gift for an avid griller.


For a better grip and less heat transfer, look for tongs that come with a rubber handle.  Scissor-like BBQ tongs are also a good option.


Don't try to use your normal spatula on the grill--you will regret it.

Basting Brush 

Basting brushes nowadays are almost as high tech as the grills.  Newer kinds tend to have a silicone head due to the material's high heat resistance, so you won't get stray bits of brush in your own grill.


For serving, carving, or anything else you might have to do, your fork is there for you.  Always.

Grill Brush 

Grill marks make your meats look delectable, but having your chicken look like it was just set on fire and then rolled in dirt is not. Keep your grill clean with a grill brush.

Barbecue Accessories

Help your barbecue go above and beyond with these nifty accessories that will transform your food into a meal.

Carving Knife 

 Perfect portions are within your grasp--just use the right knife.


 Easy shish kabobs!

Barbecue Thermometer 

To prevent food poisoning, make sure to heat your meat up to the recommended temperature.  Different meats have different recommended cooking temperatures, so make sure to check before grilling.

Grill Light 

With a grill light, hosting a late barbecue dinner is no longer a problem.

Smoking Wood Chips 

Give your meats a distinctive flavour with smoking wood chips.

Barbecue Basket 

For foods that would otherwise fall through the grill.

Fish Grill Basket 

Barbecue fish made super easy.

Open Grill Basket 

Great for stir frying vegetables on the grill.

Steak Knives 

These babies will cut through your steak like it's butter.

Grill Press 

Make sure your steaks get a great char with the grill press.

Grill Skillet 

A barbecue without the grill!

Corn Cob Holders 

How did humans ever eat corn without these?  Don't forget the butter.

Barbecue Tips

  • Always wash your hands before handling food, and after touching ANY RAW MEAT.
  • Salmonella and e. coli are commonly present in undercooked meats, so cook your meats to the right temperature.
  • Chicken is done very quickly so keep an extra eye on that.
  • Do not reuse marinade.
  • Take off any rings and bothersome jewellery.
  • Refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible.