Barbells are those extremely heavy looking things you see all the big men using at the gym. You always feel a bit intimidated by these weight lifting extraordinaries, but I know you dream of being one of the big guys too. That's okay, you will be. You'll show up those body builders by training in your home with your own set of barbells--and unlike them, you won't have moobs from the 'roids. Next time you go to the gym, they'll need to grab some extra energy bars , because one look at you and they'll already be fatigued. 

Ladies, don't think this doesn't include you. I know all too well how awful it is when some haughty gym buff takes it upon himself to show you the "proper way" to perform an exercise--as if you didn't invent this exercise yourself. Scare them away by flexing your barbell fit muscles.

Barbells: Parts and Plates

Olympic Barbells 

Barbell Sets  and Collars 

Pro-Style Barbells 

Weight Plates 

Spinlock Barbells 

Basic Weight Lifting Tips

  • Programming Development: Use the most basic programming at all times; even when moving up to a more advanced weight and routine--try to keep it simple.
    • Beginner (Simple programming): workout-to-workout progression and planning.
    • Intermediate (Somewhat complex programming): weekly or biweekly progression and planning.
    • Advanced (Complex Programming): Monthly or quarterly progression and planning.
    • Very Advanced (Very complex programming): Semi-annual or annual progression and planning.
  • Weight: Determine the weight you should use by the maximum amount your body can take for five properly executed repetitions.
    • After you have tested things out and chosen your weight, put down 5-15% of it. Always start with a lower weight than you think you can handle, because most of the time, beginners sacrifice technique for weight, and technique is much more important--you will get a better workout with a lower weight/good technique than with a higher weight/bad technique.
  • Repetitions: Start with three sets of five for most exercises until you can build up your stamina.
  • Consult a trainer or experienced exerciser if you feel like you are doing something wrong.
  • If you plan on doing dead lifts--lifting from a stabilized bent position--make sure that you are doing the exercise properly, and that you have some support (such as a lifting belt).
  • Make sure you have a spotter for heavy weight lifting.

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