Barware Buying Guide

You have the space.  You have the bar.  You have the spirits.  You certainly have the friends.  What next?  Allow us to break down all of your questions about stocking up your bar.  We will help you transform your entertaining space into a classy and creative nook, perfect for gathering friends and enjoying your own signature cocktails. 

Once you have decided what types of drinks you will be serving, it is time to complete your brilliant presentation by using the appropriate drinking glass.  Each is uniquely shaped to enhance the aroma, carbonation, and flavour of a particular alcohol. With a variety of styles to choose from, select the kind that fits your personality and needs so your bar space will be fun, warm, and welcoming.

Cocktail Glasses

Your bar is stocked with liquor from Absolut  to Zima, so why not start serving up those cocktails to your guests in a smart and stylish fashion? 

Martini Glass 

As the favourite drink of James Bond , Martinis are often seen in swanky films and tend to carry a feeling of classiness with them.

  • This glass allows the drinker to hold the stem without touching the cone-shaped bowl on top, maintaining the drink's chilled temperature.
  • To make the perfect Martini, use a cocktail shaker.
  • Popular drinks served in this glass:
    • Apple Martini
    • Cosmopolitan
    • Manhattan

Margarita Glass 

Perhaps no drink says "Party!" quite like the margarita! Have a salt shaker  on hand and get ready to rumba.

  • This glass has a distinct shallow and wide-mouthed bowl that sits atop a sturdy stem. The design allows a tart tequila taste--like Patron --to really come through.
  • Serve margaritas frozen or on the rocks with a salted rim.
  • Try the traditional recipe consisting of tequila, triple sec , and lime juice , or experiment with different fruit flavours!

Shot Glass 

The shot glass is responsible for many a hungover morning.

  • Used to responsibly measure out the proper amount of alcohol to go into a drink. A single shot is approximately 25 millilitres.
  • Also functional when drinking an alcohol straight up, with no mixer.
  • Tequila shots anyone?

Old-Fashioned Glass 

"I'll take that on the rocks."

  • The Old Fashioned, sometimes called the lowball, was designed for drinks that consist of one special liquor served over ice.
  • This glass is meant to hold approximately 8-12 fluid ounces of liquor.
  • The White Russian can be made in this glass, but if that's not your drink of choice, you can simply just pour some whiskey on the rocks.

Highball Glass 

The highball is the most flexible glass you can go for. It's a must-have for any bar.

  • The high ball is an average sized tumbler glass meant to hold drinks with more mixer and less liquor.
  • Can be used to serve non-alcoholic drinks to the designated drivers!
  • Use the highball to complete your mix of Jack Daniels  and cola.

Wine Glasses

It is always wise to have wine glasses in your bar.  You can either be particular and have special glasses available for reds, whites, and champagnes, or stay on a budget and opt for a multi-purpose wine glass .  Learn how to pair wine and cheese, select the perfect wine for you and your guests, and become an instant connoisseur by checking out our Wine Guide.

Red Wine Glass : Red wine glasses typically have a full mouth.

  • The wide bowl allows the wine to breathe, thus creating a pleasant aroma.

White Wine Glass : Delicate features for lighter wines.

  • The delicate stem and smaller bowl aim to keep a white wine chilled.

Champagne Flute : Make a toast in style.

  • Champagne glasses, also called flutes, have a long stem and tall, narrow bowl.
  • The shape of the bowl preserves the carbonation for a longer period of time.
  • Champagne is usually consumed on special occasions, like weddings or anniversaries.

Beer Glasses

There are sure to be some beer lovers in your crowd, so we will suggest several options for serving their favorite ales and lagers.  Studies have shown that once a beer hits the glass, its flavour and aroma are completely altered: the vessel's shape will absolutely effect the head development, which in turn will make or break the overall taste.  Need help learning and deciphering the lingo?  Check out our Beer Guide and then get ready to impress your guests with your new found knowledge.      

Pint Glass 

The perennial pub choice for many reasons.

  • This 16-20-ounce glass has a slight ridge at the top. This makes it easier for stacking and easier for holding.
  • Pint glasses will accommodate beers with a thick, crowning head to them.
  • Ideal for stouts, amber lagers, and brown and pale ales.

Tulip Glass 

The tulip glass has a fat lip and strong body.

  • A stemmed glass where the top pushes out to form the lip, creating a large bulb for the body.
  • The design induces and supports large foamy heads.
  • Try using this glass  when serving Belgian ales.

Beer Stein 

This piece is fun, yet serious.

  • A mug, or stein, comes with a sturdy body and handle to allow for easier holding--and clinking--of the glass.
  • German collectibles  are normally made of stone and feature a lid. This latter tradition dates back to the ages of the Black Plague: the lid kept flies from getting in the beer.
  • Use with a cream, brown, or strong ale, or try a porter or stout.

Pilsner Glass 

This tall, slender type shows off its inner beauty.

  • The pilsner glass is designed to augment the effervescence and colours of a beer, while allowing it to keep a head.
  • Sometimes called a Pokal, though this, more specifically, is a pilsner glass with a stem.
  • Perfect for enjoying most German beers.

Chic Bar Accessories

Now, you may serve the best cocktail in the neighbourhood, but it's time to take your bar to the next level. Take a look at these fun accessories and entertaining must-haves.

Cocktail Shaker 

Use to shake certain kinds of drinks with ice before serving.

  • An easy-to-use design is the cobbler shaker , the kind you'll usually see in bars.
  • The cobbler shaker consists of a metal tumbler, a tight fitting lid, and a cap that fits over the lid and covers the strainer.

Ice Bucket 

Both bartenders and guests can take advantage of the ice bucket.

  • Insulated to keep ice cubes cold for hours of entertaining.
  • Ice is easily accessible ice so you and your guests can make cocktails quickly.
  • Allows your guests to add a cube or two to their drink if they desire.

Spirit Dispenser 

Have your favourite liquors ready for serving in a fun and practical dispenser.

  • Pour that liquor quicker.
  • Store some of your favourite bottles for easy accessibility.
  • Carousel, rotating, or straightforward designs to choose from.

Bar Caddy 

An essential in keeping your bar organised and presentable.

  • Stores napkins, straws, picks, swizzle sticks, and garnishes.
  • Use a caddy to keep olives, cherries, lemons, limes, mint leaves, or anything special that will enhance a drink!

Swizzle Sticks 

Keep a set or two handy. Your guests will love them.

  • Used for drinks that are made right in the glass. The swizzle stick allows for fun and festive stirring.
  • Put as much personality as you want into these. With millions of designs and customised tops, the swizzle stick showcases to your guests what your bar is all about.


Be efficient.

  • Use a new electric corkscrew  or opt for an old-fashioned one so you can open your bottles of wine with speed and ease.
  • Available in many different shapes and sizes, there is sure to be a corkscrew that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to use.

Bottle Opener 

Because not all beers are twist-caps.

  • Convenient to keep bar-side when opening bottles with metal tops.

Bar Decoration 

Give your bar some personality and class.

  • Decorate and have some fun! That's what the bar is for.

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