Baseball Cards

Baseball card  collecting is a fun and sometimes profitable hobby that fans of all ages can enjoy. Find out which types of cards are more valuable than others and which ones to look out for as you arrrange your collection.


  • Memorabilia Cards :  A card that includes a piece of something essential to the player, such as a uniform.
  • Numbered Cards : This card will include a serial number on it to let the buyer know it is unique in a series. For example, 2 out of 500 on a rookie card means that only 500 were produced.
  • Error Cards : When a card is produced with an error, it can increase in value since only a limited amount probably made it to print. These may be worth holding on to depending on the mistake.
  • Rookie Cards : This card is made after a player's first MLB  game. Rookie cards are always the most valuable for a player, especially if he goes on to become a favorite.
  • Star Cards : These feature the most popular players currently in baseball and have the highest value. Common cards  feature lesser known players and are lowest in value but may be essential in completing a collection.


Now that you know what types of cards you have, you may want to look into their value.

There are several guides available that give you a good idea what your cards are worth. Beckett Annual Price Guide  is very popular and there are also online pricing guides  that will sometimes rate your baseball card for free.  After your cards have been rated, you may not be able to get that exact value when you trade it in. Several businesses offer baseball card grading  to give you a much more specific value for one or two cards you are unsure about.  After you have priced your cards and are ready to trade them in, hobby shops  and online trading  can be useful for this purpose.


There are several baseball card brands  available.

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