Bathmats Buying Guide

Even a dull looking bathroom can be made to look voguish with the help of bathmats. They not only add beauty to the bathrooms but also are highly functional as they keep the bath area dry, clean and hygienic

Types of Bathmats

  • Bamboo Bathmats: These mats are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, durable, machine washable and anti-microbial. If you want to go green, these mats are an ideal choice.
  • Rubber Bathmats: These mats are highly slip resistant, very affordable, easy to care and durable.
  • Jute Bathmats: These mats are natural, good to look at and are durable.
  • Cotton Bathmats: These mats look classy, highly absorbent, durable and easy to wash and dry.
  • Teak Wood Bathmats: These mats can be matched with any décor, looks elegant, strong and resilient.

You can further classify bathmats based on their shape. They are available in various shapes and patterns like frogs, foot prints, sea creatures and more.

Bathmats Buying Tips

  • These mats should be chosen to provide maximum grip (anti slippery) with enough friction so that it is safe.
  • Bath mats with good moisture absorbency and resilience is mostly chosen.
  • They should also be easy to wash and highly durable.

Top Sellers

  • Linea Pelle
  • Tommee Tippee
  • Thermal
  • Aqua
  • Pebbles

Quick Picks

Quik Picks

Egyptian Bathmat, Marine :

It is practical addition to any bathroom.

Bamboo Collection Bathmat :

This bathmat adds a tropical touch to your bathroom.

Bubble Loop Bathmats :

Made of pure cotton, the loops of bathmat easily absorb the dripping water after your bath.

Quick Picks

Extra Long Bathmat :

This mat will allow you to bathe two children at the same time.

Aqua Friendly Fish Bathmat Set :

Made of cotton, this bath mat set is available in size if pedestal.

Clippasafe Bathmat :

You can use this slip-resistant bathmat for a safe and relaxed shower time.


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