Bathroom Fittings Buying Guide

Expensive furnishings or luxurious bath linen does not serve the true purpose of a bathroom. What makes a bathroom serve its primary purpose is its fittings and hardware. Other accessories simply complement the bathroom fittings and ambience.

Shower Heads

Showers may be fixed on the walls or a flexible hand shower. When a shower is required for the shower cubicle or enclosure, you can choose a fixed one. Look for features such as pressure and temperature control dials and buttons. Commonly used materials are steel, brass, polished chrome and synthetic marble.


Sinks are indispensable in a bathroom as they serve different purposes. Normally, a well-designed sink and faucet plays a perfect combination in enhancing the good looks of the bathroom.


There are innumerable varieties and designs of faucets available to suit the sink and tub size.  Lightweight faucets have plastic as a primary component. Faucets made of materials such as brass, porcelain and ceramic are usually preferred. Sink and faucet should be of the same finish. If they vary in shades, then at least try to blend them with the tiles used in bathroom. The faucet used should not hinder the reflection in the mirror or task lighting.


Choose from elongated toilets, wall-mount toilets, one-piece toilets, corner toilets and round front toilets. Comfort is the prime factor to be taken into consideration. Then consider elements such as bathroom space, flushing levers and toilet seat.

Other Accessories

Bath and shower mixer taps are used to mix hot and cold water at a sink or a bath tub. They should have easy temperature and pressure control system and simple to use control levers.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Saneux Cold Water Faucet :

This stylish faucet has a chrome finish.  

Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower :

This shower has a clean and elegant design for the contemporary bathroom.

Twyford Luna Steel Porcelain Enamel Bath :

This tub has chrome plated grip rails. 

Quick Picks

Taunton Raised Toilet Seat :

This toilet seat has contours and cuts for maximum comfort.  

Bathroom Sink and Pedestal :

Complete your bathroom suite with this white pedestal sink. 

Roca Aruba Whirlpool Bathing System :

This is a contemporary spa bathing system for two persons.

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