Bathroom Scales

There are two major types of standing models. Home users almost always will choose a floor model because of it's price, size, and convenience. The larger models are typically for professional or commercial use. In this guide you will find out how to choose a good bathroom scale, see some interesting models that have been tried and rated well by consumers, as well as a list of dependable makers and an explanation of the differences between the two types of scales available.

How to Get a Reliable Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales, especially the floor models, can only be so accurate. Most standing models are accurate to an eighth of a pound, whereas an ordinary bathroom scale is subject to fluctuating from one use to the next because of temperature changes, foot placement on the scale and repetitive use. The problem with deciphering which model is best is that higher costs don't necessarily equate to better quality or reliability. So how do you know that the scale is accurate? Here are some tips. * Heavier scales usually mean better quality and less tendency for fluctuation. * When in doubt, go digital. They can usually measure to the nearest tenth of a pound. * Do the "repeatability" test. Weigh yourself five times in a row. If your weight is the same each time, then you know that you have a reasonably accurate scale. With that in mind, you might want to verify that the scale you are buying comes with a good return policy.

Body Fat Monitors

Consider buying a body fat monitor if accuracy is really important to you. By sending an electric current through the body, a scale is able to judge how much of your body is comprised of fat and how much is lean muscle mass. These high tech body composition monitors are ideal for athletes and those who are serious about their diet and fitness regimen. There are varying levels of body fat monitors and typically, the more features you want, the more the unit will cost. Despite high prices though, these are some of the only scales that measure, not just weigh. These scales can determine BMI, water percentage levels, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral weight and even recommended daily caloric intake to maintain your current weight. These scales have come a long way since their inception and they are becoming more and more accurate, but it should be noted that they are by no means as precise as using a basic tape measure. The problem still remains with body fat monitors that they can only deduce results from the water content in your body, making them unreliable and inconsistent. For example, in the morning, when water levels are low in the body, the monitor will think you have a higher body fat index, however, after being fully hydrated by nightfall, your results will appear much lower.

Important Features

* '''Size, Shape & Style''' ** The look of the scale is not as important as the price and accuracy, but can still be a factor in deciding. Find something that fits your style and personality as well as the look of your bathroom. ** Before ordering online or even buying in a store, make sure that you know where you'll put the scale and the amount of space the unit will need. * '''Capabilities''' ** If the whole family wants to benefit from the scale look for a multiple user memory function that can automatically retrieve and store each person's data. ** For digital scales in particular, make sure to check the display increment ability. Some are precise up to .1 lb while others only measure in .5lb increments. * '''Construction''' ** Look for a wide base that offers plenty of room for standing comfortably on the scale. ** The scale should be made of water-resistant and rustproof materials. ** A nonhave safety feature. ** Note that the average capacity for most scales is 330 pounds. ** An easyread display, whether analog or digital style, should not be overlooked.

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* For information on how to measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) check out this website at the Center for Disease Control. * You may also be interested in learning more about weight loss programs.