Bathroom Scales

The bathroom scale  has been around for decades, evolving as the years went on. A household device that is loved by some and feared by most, scales brings disappoint and joy, while sometimes giving us a reason to hit the gym. Classic scales  are found in many lavatories, but more modern scales  are steadily becoming popular for their sleek and decorative designs . When it comes to choosing a scale for your bathroom, you must consider its use , and whether or not it fits in with your bathroom's decor .

Types of Bathroom Scales

When choosing a scale for the bathroom, there is only one basic choice that you will have to make: mechanical  or digital . This decision, of course, will be based on personal preference.


These classic scales use a pointer and numbered dial  to determine your weight. Once you step on a mechanical scale, either the dial or the pointer will move depending on the model. Mechanical scales work without a power source such as batteries  or plugs, but all variates come with a calibration button  or dial that easily allows you to set and reset the dial to zero.


Digital scales are battery-powered with LED  or LCD displays . They are often sleek space-savers that activate once you step on the surface plate. These scales are known for producing much more accurate readings than their mechanical counterparts.


One step above digital scales are WiFi bathroom scales . While WiFi is often associated with computers  and smartphones , scales with this feature will record your weight, body mass index (BMI), and fat mass for quick and easy reference. WiFi scales are also compatible with smartphones and computers/laptops ; tracking your progress whenever you want from wherever. However, WiFi scales are not inexpensive; they start at  £115.

Quick Picks

Tanita Precision Bathroom Scale 

This scale is easy to read with a large rotating dial.  

Tanita Slim Bathroom Scale with Built-in Handle 

This classic design combines a sleek look with portability. It features a built-in handle and an automatic turn off in case you forget to do so.

Salter Dr. Style Mechanical Bathroom Scale 

With a large number display, you won't have worry about misreading your weigh-ins.

Homedics Stainless Steel Platform Body Analyser Scale 

Get accurate readings for body fat, muscle mass, BMR, and body water.

Tanita Innerscan Body Composition Monitor 

Remembers up to four individuals. Analyses your ages, height, and weight, and measures on physique, muscle mass, body fat and water, bone mass, and much more.

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