Beach Towels Buying Guide

Everyone looks forward to going to the beach during the hot months of summer! Packing a beach towel is essential whether you plan to take a dip in the waters or not! One of the most important accessories you’ll need on the beach is the towel which is used to dry the body after a shower. Beach towels are larger because they are not only used for drying oneself but also as a sheet to spread on the sand to lie down.


  • Some towels are compressed and packaged in such a way it can be carried in one’s beach bag or hand bag. But once open, they cannot be compressed again.
  • Dense bath towels are fluffier and more absorbent. Check the GSM (grams per square metre) of your towel at the shop. The higher it is, the denser your bath towel is.
  • If you can see the fabric underneath the loop stitching, then it’s not good enough to use as a thick towel.
  • You can go for plain white, vintage style, striped or printed towels. Boys and girls like to have their favourite designs on them such as a cartoon beach towel, Disney or Super hero design beach towel! Get floral prints or pink towels for your little girl!

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Scooby-Doo Beach Towel :

This printed cartoon towel has soft velour on one side.

Stripe Petal Print Beach Towel – Clementine :

This cotton towel has a wonderful retro design!

John Lewis Beach Towel, Asha Floral :

Get this stylish pink beach towel with huge floral motifs!

Quick Picks

Dolphin Beach Towel :

This lovely blue towel is machine washable.

Vivid Stripe Hot Beach Towel Esprit :

This highly absorbent towel has a funky stripes design too!

Marimekko Beach Towel :

This black and grey towel with bold designs is also available in a colour variation - pink and orange. 

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