Beading Buying Guide

Beading  is an often overlooked activity for kids and adult alike. For adults, beading can be a career or a hobby (or just a rainy day activity); for kids, beading can be educational and fun (and best of all - time consuming). Beading is an excellent way to showcase your creativity and personal style, develop your artistic taste and abilities, and devote some time and attention to yourself. Whether you're nine or ninety, there's something for you in beading.

Aside from an art project, beading is one of the most simple and affordable types of jewellery  making to get into. Plus, it is the most versatile when it comes to colour, style, and design. You can make a chunky, bohemian necklace or classy chandelier-style earrings. For beginners, it makes for an ideal place to start since all you need are beads, wire, and findings (clasps). Some basic tools, such as pliers and needles are also useful, among other accessories.

The Basics 

Before we get started, you should know that beads  are a choking hazard for infants and toddlers - be sure your child is old enough! You should always supervise children - better safe than sorry!

Don't rush out and buy anything until you've decided what type of beading you want to do. The most common type of beading is stringing, in which you string beads on thread  or wire . You can use a single string or several to create a variety of looks. Stringing can be used for making everything from necklaces  to earrings ,bracelets , and more.

A beading technique that is a bit more elaborate is wire working. Using jewelry tools , wire working employs shaping the wire into creative designs, wrapping wire around stones, creating wire earrings ,rings ,chain maille  designs and more. Both wire working and stringing are beading types that are done without a loom . Looms are typically used for bead weaving , which is a method that uses uniform seed beads  to create stacked designs and patterns. Typical techniques associated with bead weaving are peyote, brick, and netting, just to name a few.

Bead weaving  can also be done without a loom. You simply wind the thread back and forth through the beads to create the patterns. Spiraling beaded necklaces and waving beaded rows are just some of the things you can do.

Finally, there is embroidered beading. Embroidery employs the same techniques as needlepoint , but with beads. You can apply beads to any material with a needle and thread, and this is embroidery.

Ear Wires 

Head Pins 


Jump Rings 


Bead Boards 


Pliers ,chain nose pliers 

Bead Reamer 

Bead compartment box 

Circular storage trays 

Seed bead trays 

Bead Buddy