Beauty Gifts Buying Guide

Beauty gifts  can be hit or miss, but with the right information you can put together a really stellar gift. Lucky for you, we've amassed all of the necessary information into this gift guide! Read on to find the perfect gift, or click one of the links below to begin your search. 

Before we get started, we should make a few things clear. Unless you know the recipient's skin type, colour palette, and personal makeup preferences, you should stick to basic products like lipstick  or gloss ,eye shadows  and liners , or nail polishes . If you're a guy shopping for a girl, you're best off staying away from actual cosmetics. Some good options would be makeup books ,cosmetic bags  and brush sets , or makeup tools . Most women are very particular about their cleanser ,moisturiser , and foundation . Unless you are sure what she wants, you may want to steer clear of those items.

If you've decided to buy cosmetics , it's important that you remember whom you are buying for. The recipient's age and personal style are the most important things to consider when choosing colours or palettes. Young girls (kids and tweens ) prefer pinks and glitter , but generally over apply their makeup. Look for products safe for younger girls, and make sure the colours have a neutral base  (so over application doesn't have a clown-like result). It's also a good idea to buy non-toxic  and washable  products - just in case. Teenagers  and young adults  usually have a lot of variety in their makeup drawer. Light neutral tones  (browns, peaches, and sheer pinks) look best on these fresh faces, but for special events or night-time the possibilities are endless. Bold colours ,bright liners , and metallic shadows  are popular choices. If you're buying for an adult, the best colours are dark neutral tones , such as heavier browns, peaches, reds, and greys. Most adults prefer to look more professional than playful, so mascara  and liner  should be black or brown and eye shadow should be matte . 

If you're intent on buying cosmetics but you still don't know what to look for, try buying a seasonal eye shadow  or gloss  palette. Many companies come out with new palettes every season to complement the current trends and current weather. These are foolproof gifts, guaranteed to be wearable - as long as you remember whom you're buying for! Daytime palettes  are usually good for anyone, but evening palettes  are best for young adults and socialites.

Finally, remember that makeup is meant to enhance the face, not change it. The most beautiful faces look natural and normal... don't go crazy trying to cover up your unwanted freckles or plump your superthin lips - focus on your favourite features and ignore the rest. A face without flaws is a face without character - be proud of what you've got! Happy shopping!

Tips for Buying Makeup as a Gift

  • Keep in mind the recipient's skin tone and colouring, including eyes, hair, and skin colour.
  • Know the recipient's makeup and fashion style: classic, preppy, casual, elegant, trendy, sporty, etc.
  • Keep age in mind. Younger lasses will love more intense colours, while older ladies tend to like more classic hues. Anti-ageing products are great for ladies who are 25 or up (it's never too early to start preventing aging though!).
  • Analyze the recipient's typical makeup wearing routine. Someone who likes to experiment and vary their look from day to day is easy to please, but someone with strict standards will need the buyer to pay close attention to detail. Also, think about if the person likes to keep maintenance to a minimum or if spending time for precise application is pleasurable.

Top Beauty Gift Picks

Dior Black Lash Kit 

Want to channel vintage glam? Try this set of fake eyelashes and mascara.

Bare Escentuals Precious Diamond Beauty Duo 

Let your favourite beauty queen brush real diamond powder on her body for a luxurious sparkle.

Go Smile GoTravel kit 

This travel kit contains everything you need to make your teeth whiter and healthier, you jetsetter.

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Trio 

This unique trio of products will repair and care for your skin, as well as prevent aging.

DuWop Mini Venom Trio No.2 

This set comes with mini sizes of the original Lip Venom, Pink Shimmer Lip Venom, and Lip Venom 2nd Sin. Prepare for a plump pout!

Jelly Pong Pong Gourmet Lip Therapy 

This lip-nourishing treatment is made from ingredients that repair our lips naturally (real honey, sugar, cocoa, liquorice and milk). The best news? This treatment contains both UVA and UVB filters.

Estée Lauder Lifting/Firming Skin Care Set 

This set promises to give you  youthful, firmer skin while repairing and moisturising.

Chanel 4 Fleurs de Chanel 

This is a quartet of high end eye shadow that anyone would love to receive as a gift.

Yves Saint Laurent Palette Pop 

This palette contains makeup for your eyes and face that can be blended or used separately.

Estée Lauder Eye Essentials Set 

This set includes mascara and two treatments for brighter, younger looking eyes.

Clinique 3-Step System Introductory Set 

This set includes a soap, clarifying lotion, and moisturising lotion. Expect better skin in just two weeks!

Benefit Cupid's Bow Lip Duo 

This set contains everything you need for a naturally glamorous pout.

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream 

A fool-proof and healthy way to get a bronze glow.

Urban Decay Foreshadow Palette 

Four shades of eye shadow that are all perfect for younger, edgier girls.

Elemis Timeless Beauty Collection 

A must for those who are set on eternal youth, this set contains tons of products that will fight every and any sign of ageing.

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit 

Give the gift of perfect eyebrows with this nifty kit. Your friend will look oh so manicured and lovely!

Benefit Emergency Kit Justine Case 

"Justine Case" you need a makeover, this kit was created. Some of the most popular cosmetics from Benefit are in this lovely case.

DuWop Variety I Gels 

No more tired eyes, eye wrinkles, or dark circles! These babies conform to the shape of your eyes and repair all those effects of a long work week (or a festive weekend).

Stila Double Ended Shadow Brush 

This all-in-one eye shadow brush is perfect for applying, blending, and smudging! What more could a girl ask for?

Pretty Polly Bronzed Leg Gloss 

This stuff rolls on like deodorant, but tans and moisturises your legs for a sexy, summery look.

Pure Kajal Eye Liner 

Kajal is an unique product that highlights the eyes with intense colour and protects against UV rays

Benefit She-laq 

This product locks in makeup to prevent smudging through out the day and night.

Too Faced Glamour-to-Go 

This collection is actually pocket-sized but contains rich lip glosses and four silky eye shadows! Perfect for the friend who loves to travel.

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