Eye Skin Care Buying Guide  

Our eyes are the most expressive organs of our body. As the skin around them is very fragile and delicate, it needs special care. Hence, there are special eye skin care products to treat various conditions of the eyes and skin around them.     


Some popular products include night eye care creams, daily eye care creams, eye wrinkle treatments, dark circles treatments, moisturisers in the form of creams, serums, balms and peels. Anti-ageing is a broad classification under which several products are formulated. Crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines can be reduced by using specific eye care creams and gels that are rich in collagen. Puffy eyes caused by leading a stressful lifestyle can be reduced with eye creams.    

  • The form in which eye skin care products are chosen would depend on the condition of the eyes.  For instance, gels work well for puffy eyes than the creamy products. Also, your skin type plays a major role here.
  • If you have puffy eyes with loose skin around them, you can choose eye skin care products that improve and encourage the skin elasticity around the eyes.  A gel or cream rich in collagen should be chosen.
  • When choosing eye products for dark circles, you need to first determine the problem’s actual cause (ageing, sun exposure, fatigue, dehydration or hereditary) to get good results.
  • Quality eye skin care products commonly contain Vitamins E, C and A along with antioxidants. Products containing retinol and Vitamin K can also produce great results.
  • Choose eye products containing organic or natural ingredients and try to avoid chemicals.  They should also be tested and certified as safe products.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

QuadraFX Anti-Ageing Eye Cream For Men :

This cream helps fight wrinkles, crow’s feet and other problems around the eye.  

Pai Echium Anti-Ageing Eye Cream :

This is a rich and nourishing organic cream.  

Nivea Visage DNAge Eye Cream :

This cream reduces puffiness around the eyes.  

Quick Picks

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Cream :

This is a moisturising eye gel.

Neutrogena - Visibly Young Anti-Age Eye Cream :

This cream improves skin firmness around the eyes.  

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream :

This lightweight cream brightens the eye area. 

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