Bed Linen Basics

You spend more than one-third of your life in bed. It's our comfort after a long day at work and our prison when we've got the flu. We relax on it, watch T.V. and sometimes eat in it. Breakfast in bed makes it all the more delicious. So of course, you want your bed to be comfortable, and also reflect who you are stylistically. It all starts with choosing bed linens. What do you look for when purchasing Find them all online. Let us help.

An Introduction to Fibers

* Egyptian Cotton Linens: Feel softer than any other cotton, generate less lint and are the most durable. Egyptian cotton tends to be more expensive, so it's usually luxury brands that carry these kind of linens. * Lyocell Linens: Manufactured fiber made from trees. These are soft, strong and absorbent. Often used to simulated silk or suede. * Polyester Linens: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most popular. These are strong synthetic fibers that resist shrinking, stretching, mildew, abrasion and wrinkling. * Silk Sheets: Silk sheets are sexy and smooth but high maintenance. If you plan to use them regularly, make sure you can afford the dry cleaning bill that will come with them.

Popular Linens

Why Cotton?

* Egyptian and Pima cottons are the softest and are considered high quality. If you are shopping for sheets or towels, always read the fine print to determine the amount of cotton in the sheets or towels. One hundred percent cotton is best. Today's all-cotton sheets and towels are less likely to shrink and don't wrinkle as much. * Some cotton blends are also good because some polyester fibers used feel like cotton. Cotton/Modal or Cotton/Lyocell blends for towels are actually better than 100% cotton because they absorb more water and dry more quickly. Keep in mind, however, that some people may be sensitive to synthetic fabrics. If you're not sure, 100% cotton is always a good bet for sheets.

Popular Types of Sheets

* Cotton Sheets: Soft and luxurious. Most people prefer 100% cotton sheets rather than a mixed blend. * Flannel Sheets: Is it a chilly night? Try curling up under thick flannel sheets. The wool will keep you warm, while the cotton will keep your blanket feeling fluffy and comforting. * Satin or Sateen Sheets: Great for the summer, these sheets are always cool, light, and airy.

Sheets and Thread Count

* The thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Thread count for sheets ranges from around 180 to more than 1000. Thread count is related to the softness and the thickness of the sheet. * In general, the higher the thread count, the higher the price. Higher than 500 does not necessarily mean the best sheet. * Sometimes a lower thread count is better. When the thread count is higher, each individual thread is thinner which means that the sheet is more delicate and requires more careful maintenance. For kids' sheets, sheets that get washed frequently, or just for convenience, a lower thread count means that the sheets will probably last longer with normal to heavy wear and tear. * Also, if you buy flannel sheets, expect to see a low thread count. Flannel sheets are '''supposed''' to be thick!

 Style Choices

* Color choice can really affect the feel of the room. Compliment the color of your walls with something in the same family, or go for really bold for a bright contrast. Sometimes matching to window curtains is a great option. * For something a little more funky, animal print linens can be a popular choice. * If you're looking for something for kids, there's are plenty of fun designs. floral designs work well with a girl's room. * For boys,favorite superheros will make them happy. * For something more romantic, satin is a gret way to go. Some red satin sheets will set the mood.

Luxury Bedding and Linens

* High end linens are usually consist of Egyptian cotton and high thread counts. * Luxury bedding options offer some beautiful embroidered designs to add to your rooms decor. * Because of their delicate materials, they often have to be washed on a gentle cycle to keep from ruining the fabric.

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