Bed Linen Basics

Nothing beats that feeling of flopping into a comfy bed  after a long day.  With warm, cosy blankets , soft pillows , and a great mattress , you may never want to get out of bed.  

Our guide breaks down the basics of bedding  to achieve ultimate comfort .  

Bedding Basics

Bed Frame 

Bed frames come in standard sizes of King ,Queen ,Full , or Twin . Try a canopy bed  for extra luxury. 


The basis for all bedding . Try a pillow top mattress , a tempurpedic mattress , a feather bed , or water bed .  

Bed Sheets 

These linens  protect the mattress , and come in comfortable materials like  Egyptian Cotton ,Pima cotton ,flannel ,bamboo ,polyester ,sateen ,percale , and jersey .    

Bed Pillows 

Top off your bedding with firm  or soft pillows .  Feather pillows ,foam pillows , and throw pillows  are always nice choices. 

Bed Covers

Down Comforter 

Filled with goose down  for maximum comfort.  You can also find a good down-alternative  comforter. 


Quilts are made up of squares hand-sewn  together to create a box effect.  


Duvet covers  allow you to stuff a blanket inside for cold weather  or use just the duvet alone in warmer weather . 


Bedspreads come in many intricate designs and colours.  They serve as a coverlet  for the bed. 



With choices like cotton blankets ,wool blankets ,acrylic blankets , and thermal blankets , you are sure to find something warm and cosy. 

Bed Skirt 

Match your bed skirt  to your comforter  and cover up all those things hiding under your bed. 

Window Drapes 

Window drapes often match the bedding as well.  Coordinate colours! 

Throw Blanket 

Throw blankets are great to snuggle up with when you just want to relax without getting too situated in bed. 

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