Bike Shorts Buying Guide

cycling shorts, whether you are a man or a woman.


* Everyone has a style they like more than another. Try out a few pairs and see which you like best. * Some long rides might be better with less padding, such as a thin chamois, which tends to shift less and wick better than other type of padding. * For short rides, a gel padding might do the trick, offering a more comfortable fit, but with less protection.


* Most bike shorts are made of a breathable, wicking material that will help draw moisture away from the body. * They may be a combination of polyester, spandex or other synthetic materials. * Avoid materials like cotton that absorb moisture. * Look for leg grippers, which help the shorts stay down on your thighs rather than riding up. They are usually made of a sticky rubber material.


* You'll notice that bike shorts are cut low-rise; shorter in the front, and high in the back to suit a bent position. * Look at the number of panels the shorts. The more, the better, assuming that more panels is synonymous with a better fit and more precise contouring. * Everyone has a different body shape, thus some styles, no matter how contoured, still won't provide a great fit. Try on as many pairs as you need to until you find the one that fits best.

Other Features

* Choose an elastic waistband over a drawstring. * It should be wide enough so that it feels comfortable and snug, without constricting. * Since you don't wear underwear under bike shorts, they usually come with a liner. The right liner is very much a personal decision. However, chamois is a popular padding fabric used in the lining of bike shorts due to its shock-absorbing and moisture wicking properties.

Men's vs. Women's

* Remember that bike shorts are not unisex. Men's and women's shorts are designed differently to suit each body type. * A few things that you might want to know about women's bike shorts is that they are cut higher in the waist and wider through the hips. * Women's shorts are also cut a bit higher than men's. * For female triathletes, look for triathlete suits.

Basic Bike Short Styles

Quick Picks

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Popular Brands

* Biemme * Canari * Cannondale * Pearl Izumi * Sugoi * Zoot

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