Kids' Bikes

Kids love bikes. They give them a sense of freedom and a fun way to exercise. Buying a bike for your little cyclist can be just as fun. There are loads of bikes to choose from in all different colors and a few different styles, and there are plenty of accessories to go along with them. A bicycle helmet is, of course, a must; boys aged 10-14 have been rated as the most likely to have head-related injuries on bikes.

Top Picks

The top picks featured below are recommended by ConsumerSearch unless otherwise noted. * '''Tricycles''' ** Kettler Kiddi-o Supertrike 3 is apparently loved by parents and is recommended by ConsumerSearch. ** Kettrikes come in a variety of models and range from those with basic features all of the way to a full-featured vehicle that can double as a stroller. ** Radio Flyer's Twist Trike is recommended by * '''With Training Wheels''' **Schwinn Tiger (boys) ** Tigress (girls) * '''Mountain Bike''' ** Pacific Cycle Boy's Singe ** Girl's Singe *** Updated models of well-reviewed predecessors. * '''BMX''' ** Schwinn Aerostar (boys) ** Stardust (girls) ----

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