Bird Cages Buying Guide

When buying a bird cage, it's important to purchase a trusted brand name.  While many websites and pet stores sell no-name cages at super-low prices, the discount isn't worth the hassle of a shoddy and possibly dangerous cage.  Bargain basement cages can often have missing and damaged parts that make the cages unusable--faulty latches can allow birds to escape and broken perches can cause injury.  Also, most no-name cages use toxic finishes which can be fatal if ingested by Polly.  For more essential bird cage tips, check out the following guide:

Cage Requirements

For certain species:

For all birds, cages should:

  • Allow your bird to comfortably spread its wings.
  • Allow your bird to turn 360 degrees without any of its tail feathers touching the cage bars.
  • Should have added cage height for birds who enjoy climbing.
  • Show have ample depth at the base for birds who don't enjoy sleeping on perches .
  • Should provide ample room for toys ,treats  and accessories.

Cage Toys and Accessories

Your pet bird will benefit from toys that help him or her stay occupied and accessories that make their cage more comfy.  Plus, some cage extras make life easier for you, simplifying clean-up and feeding.

  • Seed guards  help control mess from feeder bowls and waste.
  • Wood perches help your pet get better access to feeder bowls . They come in durable plastic-compounds or stainless steel varieties.
  • The more feeder cups, the more opportunity for variety in your bird's diet.
  • A large access door will help you easily place your bird in the cage.
  • A cage cover  can help your pet rest at night by providing darkness for the recommended 10-12 hours of sleep.

Bird Cages Location

  • It's important to place your bird cage in an area where your pet will enjoy a lot of interaction with people. Find a spot next to a wall or corner where your bird can easily watch famil activities. Don't make your bird the center of attention, because he or she can become stressed and easily startled.
  • Elevate bird cages, to duplicate the bird's natural habitat. A person's chest height is ideal.
  • Place bird cages away from windows where pets can easily escape or become ill from too much exposure to heat or cold.

Major Manufacturers

  • A&E Cage Co.
  • Blue Ribbon Cage
  • Hagen
  • Kaytee Pet Products
  • North American Pet
  • Prevue Pet Products
  • Superpet

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