Birthday Gifts for Mums Buying Guide

Chances are your mother was there for you with tissues, smiles, and the best home-made dinners while you were growing up. So when her birthday rolls around, why not buy her a special gift? There's no perfect answer that ensures that you choose the very best gift for her, but a little thought goes a long way. Did she recently mention something breaking? Does she love her garden? Think about what your mum could really use, or if you want to pamper your mother, give her something that she wouldn't usually buy for herself (like a spa treatment). Just make sure you get her something that she'd like if you take the "something she wouldn't buy for herself" route. Chances are that while mum wouldn't usually buy a cobra for herself, she probably wouldn't appreciate one as a gift if she's not much of a snake lover. While that is a bit of an extreme example, the concept should be applied when considering gifts. Check out some of our most classic and innovative gift ideas to make sure mum's birthday is celebrated to the fullest. 

For the Kitchen Lover

If your mother loves to bake, cook, or just have lots of cute little items in her kitchen, then these gift ideas might be perfect for her. Just make sure she's a kitchen lover. If your mum hates cooking, a cookbook may send the wrong message. 

Cheese Board 

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons 

Crème Brûlée Set 


Fondue Set 


Art Coasters 

Tea Service 

Espresso Machine 

Wine Cellars 

For Peace of Mind

If your mother loves to relax (or needs to relax), then these gifts should be a major hit. Pamper your mum and let her unwind. After all, raising children can be quite stressful!

Lavender Stones 

Tranquility Fountain 

Aromatherapy Candles 


Mini Zen Garden 

For the Athletic Mother

If your mother loves working out or enjoying outdoor activities, then give these gifts a try. Just make sure you don't get her a treadmill if she's never expressed any interest in exercise. That would probably send a bit of a rude message! 

Yoga Pilates Mat 


Satellite Radio 



For the Garden Lover

Mothers love gardens, and if your mother is no exception, check out these gifts made especially for the gardening enthusiast. Don't forget that fresh flowers, plants  and trees  are all good options for the gardener especially if she has been mentioning getting something particular for the last few months, such as a Japanese Maple,  bonsai tree  or orchid .  Other options include a self-watering plant system  for when she goes on a holiday, birdhouses , fountains  and watering cans .  Don't forget a nice vase  to put her cut flowers in!

Gardening Tools 

Gardening Gloves 

Gardening Books 

Garden Accessories 

Pruning Sheers 

Outdoor Table Sets 

Wind Sculpture 

Garden Gazing Ball 

Outdoor Fireplace 

Porch Swing 

For the Classic Mum

If you want a foul-proof gift idea, look no further. These gifts are perfect for 99.9% of mothers. What mother doesn't melt over a framed family photograph and a family photo album coupled with a bouquet of her favourite flowers? Exactly. That's why these gifts are classics. 

Candle Holders 

Photo Album 

Picture Frame 

Bath Products 


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