Blankets and Quilts

Blankets and quilts can add warmth and style to any child's room.  These items aren't just for sleeping, though a cuddly blanket can help ease the transition from play time to nap time, a quilt can adorn the nursery wall as decoration and become a treasured family heirloom.

More Info

* Check measurements before purchasing. * If using a blanket or quilt for sleeping, make sure to wash before placing on the bed. * Infants should not be placed in a crib with loose bedding. Keep the quilts away from the crib area until the baby is older. For more tips on infant safety check out:

Quilt Care

Quilts need to be treated gently.  Handcrafted quilts are susceptable to wear and tear, but with a little attention, your child's quilt may be preserved for the next generation. Here are a few quick tips: * Avoid placing quilts in direct sun. * Occasionally refold a displayed quilt so the creases do not become permanent. * Consider hand washing your quilts when they need cleaning. For more information on caring for your child's quilt check out the ivillage quilt care page. To select a quilt you may want to start with a general quilts search.  Some popular names in the quilting world are Sozo and Judi Boisson, but there are literally thousands of quilters out there and most of the pros will be happy to create a baby quilt.


Your baby will need more than one type of blanket. First, there are swaddling blankets.  These blankets (also called receiving blankets) are lightweight and stretchy and will keep the baby warm and snug. Some of these, like the swaddleme blanket, come with velcro closures to make the swaddling easier for inexperienced parents.  For more details about swaddling, visit Dr. Harvey Karp's website. Next, there are crib blankets. Once your baby is able to roll over and has proper head control, they can be put to sleep with a cozy crib blanket. Finally, there are stroller blankets.  Tuck a stroller blanket around your little one on a brisk day to keep their toes and fingers warm and toasty.  A personalized baby blanket makes a great gift idea and tends to be much less expensive than a quilt. Here are instructions from the Consumer Products Saftey Commission for using a crib blanket: # Put baby with feet at the foot of the crib. Tuck a thin blanket around the crib mattress, reaching only as far as the baby's chest. # Make sure your baby's head remains uncovered during sleep.

Blankets Options

* Dwell stroller blankets -- stylish and warm * Bundleme blankets from JJ Cole -- hardy stroller and care seat gear for mom's on the go * Carter's -- a trusted name in baby items. Offers affordable prices and wide selection. Blankets sometimes come in multipacks. * Amy Coe --widely available blankets in bright patterns and colors.

Related Products

* Quilt Hangers -- attached to a wall for quilt display. * Quilt racks-- an excellent way to store and display blankets and quilts. * Blanket Storage --it's a good idea to store your blankets and quilts in air tight containers to protect them from sun, dust and moths.