Bluetooth Headsets Buying Guide

The first few times you saw people talking on Bluetooth headsets, you probably thought they were talking to themselves, but now that they've been around for a few years, the tiny devices have become widespread in their use. Bluetooth headsets hook around your ear and allow you to talk on a HowStuffWorks.

Headset Features

The variety of features on newer Bluetooth headsets is impressive. Some models have builtPlayers'>MP3 player, and others have small screens on them that allow you to make calls, change volume, or play tracks without ever having to remove the phone or MP3 player from your pocket. Here are some other things to think about in your search for the right headset: * '''Mono vs. stereo''': Most Bluetooth headsets have a single speaker in one ear, allowing mono sound for simple talking on the phone. Some headsets resemble full headphones or earbuds that go in or over both ears, and others allow you to plug in your own headphones or earbuds, adding the ability to listen to music in stereo. * '''Size''': Most headsets are pretty tiny, but if you want one of the almostfor a price. * '''Comfort''': Headsets that have flexible rubber earpieces will fit on anyone's ear, while the devices with stiff plastic earpieces may bother people with unusually shaped ears. Make sure you find something that you're not going to mind having on your head for a long period of time during a phone call. * '''Battery''': Bluetooth headsets have rechargeable batteries built in. Depending on how you use your headset (infrequently for driving versus a power business user) you may need a headset with an especially long battery life. You don't want it to run out of power during a call. * '''Controls''': The devices themselves are small, but most feature enough room for a handful of buttons, made for answering calls, hanging up, and changing volume. Make sure that these controls are something that your fingers won't be too large to press. * '''Multipoint Pairing''': Models that feature multipoint pairing are extremely easy to sync to Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Quick Picks

Popular Bluetooth Headset Brands

* Aliph * BlueAnt * Jabra * LG * Motorola * Nokia * Plantronics * Samsung * Sony

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