Bluetooth Headsets Buying Guide

Now that using your mobile while driving without a hands-free device  can land you up to two years behind bars, it might be a good time to consider purchasing a Bluetooth headset.  Although choosing and learning how to use one can be a daunting process, logic should dictate this is better than visits with a probation officer.  Use this guide to get the scoop on Bluetooth headsets and pick out one that works best for you before your next phone call is to a barrister.

Top-Rated Bluetooth Headsets

Here are the best headsets as chosen by CNET's editors:

  • Award-winning design and sound quality.
  • Patented NoiseAssassin technology cancels all irrelevant sounds.
  • All buttons covered, no accidental phone calls.
  • Award-winning design and sound quality. 
  • Exclusive Voice Isolation Technology eliminates background noise.
  • Multipoint capability; connects up to 3 devices at once; uses a master switch to toggle sources.
  • Active noise reduction, Intelligent volume equalization, Acoustic shock protection.
  • Multipoint capability; connects up to 8 devices at once.
  • Digital Signal Processing technology addresses interference noise. 
  • Designed for music-enabled phones; Seamlessly switch between calls and music with the same headset.
  • AudioIQ two-way noise reduction technology digitally enhances sound to improve call quality.
  • Detachable cable lets user easily convert mono headset for stereo listening.
  • Award-winning PowerFlip folding microphone.
  • Noise-reduction/cancellation technology.
  • Multi-function button to control 3-way calling, call start and end, hold and mute.

The Pairing Process

Follow these steps to easily pair your new Bluetooth headset with your cell phone:

  • Ensure your phone supports Bluetooth and your Bluetooth headsets is fully charged.
  • Turn on your phone's Bluetooth feature.
    • These controls can usually be found under the settings menu on your phone.
  • Put your headset in discovery mode.
    • This is done differently depending on which headset you have.
      • Check your headset owner's manual, and look for pairing or discovery mode.
  • Let your phone locate the headset.
    • Go back to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and look for an option that says add device or similar.
    • After selecting 'add' you should receive a pairing confirmation of some sort.
  • Enter the Bluetooth pass code to finalize pairing.
    • Some devices require a Bluetooth pass code when pairing.
    • The default code is: 0000
      • Consult your owner's manual to see if your headset uses a different pass code.

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