Bocce and Lawn Bowling Buying Guide

When it comes to bocce ball  and lawn bowling sets , it's all about the variety...and that's often the biggest problem when it comes to buying them!  Tons of choice can leave your head spinning, so check out this guide to see what sort of sets work for your skill level and your budget.

The Necessities

Each bocce or lawn bowling set should include at least four regular balls, one marker ball (the ball you're trying to hit) and some sort of measuring tool to determine which player gets the closest to that marker ball.

  • The balls come in different colours or have different markings--like stripes or spots--to help you differentiate between players.
  • The balls should be able to withstand being knocked about by each other on sand, grass and pavement.
  • All the equipment should be regulation size and weight to give you the best game play experience.

Different Sets

Designer Sets 

Some sets are made with design as a top priority.  Manufacturers like Eddie Bauer  make sets that are sleek and super-glossy, so they look good in and off the court.  But don't be fooled.  Many of these sets aren't just pretty, they're durable too, with balls that have superior gripping abilities and can withstand tons of hard impact.

Economy Sets 

If you're trying to save some money, economy sets may be the way to go.  Just make sure that the balls are regulation size and weight, and that they're made from durable plastics, woods, resins or composites.  There's no use in saving money if the set won't last, so check warranties as well.

Family-Size Sets 

A bocce or lawn bowling game can be played between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four.   And the more players you have, the more balls you'll need.  Try snagging a family set, also known as a multiplayer set, if you're going to most often play big, family matches.

Alternatives to the Set

The marker balls, also known as jacks  or pallinos , can be purchased separately from the rest of a set.  They are typically small yellow or white balls, although any bright colour will do.

  • If you're playing in a tournament, wood or approved resin is the only acceptable material.
  • It must be between 3 and 4 centimetres in size.

The measuring tool often comes with the set, but if you buy your pieces separately, any measuring tape ,ruler ,metre stick  or even some string will do.  The object you use depends on how accurate you need your measurement to be--i.e. if you're playing in a tourny or just palling around with family and friends.

Major Manufacturers

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