Bowling Buying Guide

Want to knock em' dead with your bowling skills?  It takes more than practice to make perfect in this sport .  Get equipped with the right gear  that will have you bowling strikes in no time. 

Choosing a Bowling Ball

It's pretty obvious that what you use to knock those stubborn pins  down should be your most carefully selected piece of equipment.  Bowling balls  come in all different varieties, from different weights and different size finger holes to balls tailored for right and left-handed bowlers.  Here are a few tips to help narrow down the search:

  • Try to find the right weight ball for you.  Heavier balls can be too hard to handle, while light balls get too much lift and not enough power.  Weight ranges for men are usually 6-7 kilograms, while women can go anywhere from 4 to 7 kilograms (and children's balls are lighter still).
  • You can get custom drilled holes for your fingers if you aren't finding a good fit.  In general though, the heavier balls have larger finger holes and vice versa.
  • Right handed bowling balls are the most common and are drilled with the ring finger hole further away from the thumb hole.  This is often uncomfortable for left-handed bowlers, who may find more sucess with balls specifically designed for leftys.
  • They make balls specifically for beginners ,intermediate  and advanced  players, so pick one best suited toward your skill level.
  • AMF, Brunswick, Columbia, Emonite and Track are reputable, popular bowling ball manufacturers.

Other Important Accessories

  • Bowling Bags :  Bowling bags are made out of sturdy materials (like nylon and leather) to accommodate the weight of your ball, shoes, and so on.  Some bowling balls can carry more than one ball at once.
  • Bowling Towels :  Use a bowling towel to wipe access grease off your ball that might have accumulated after repeated throws down the lane.  This will ensure that it's not too slick, therefore altering the path of your throw.  
  • Bowling Shoes :  Having a comfortable, snug pair of bowling shoes that will keep you steady on the lane helps to perfect your game.  You don't want to slip when approaching the lane, so make sure your bowling shoes have soles with a good grip that still allow for easy mobility.  Tons of bowling shoes come in bright colours and designs to fit your style and add a little flair.
  • Bowling Gloves :  Bowling gloves give you better wrist support and help you throw with more power and accuracy.  If you're serious about the sport and want to participate in competitions, these may be a good investment.

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