Bridal Emergency Kits Buying Guide

While you may have a dream vision of your wedding day, you have to be prepared for any little glitches that may arise.  Whether it's a torn seam, an unsettled stomach or some runny mascara, the littlest problem may throw your big day a bit off kilter.  Avoid any grief by enlisting your maid of honour in the creation of a bridal emergency kit hat has every little product you may need to remedy some less than perfect conditions on your perfect day.

Staying Beautiful

Have a section of the emergency kit dedicated to beauty products from make-up to hair and nails.

Saving Face

Waterproof Mascara 

Nail File 

Extra Hold Hairspray 

Nail Polish  in the bride's shade


Eye Drops 


Bobby Pins 

Extra Make-Up Compact 

Sunblock  (if outdoors)

A Flawless Dress

Another section of your bridal emergency kit should be dedicated to the gown and its accessories.  This means items to keep it looking clean, static free and sewn tight. 

Avoiding a Dress Mess

Mini Sewing Kit 

(should include scissors and threads that match the dress colours) 

Static Cling Spray 

Baby Powder  (for last minute stains on a white dress)

Hem Tape 

Stain Remover 

Clear Nail Polish 

Extra Pantyhose 

Lint Brush 

Safety Pins 


Feeling Good

No matter how happy you are to get married, nerves and stress may still do a number on your body.  Be prepared with the meds that will keep you feeling healthy and happy all day long. 

Medical Miracles

Smelling Salts 


Pain Reliever 


Pepto Bismol 

Extra, Extra!

These little extras may be just what any bride needs in a pinch.

Little Bits

Breath Mints 

Earring Backs 

Cell Phone Charger 

Tissues  and a compact mirror 


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