Bridal Emergency Kits

With all the stress that a wedding entails, the last thing you want on the morning of your wedding is for anything to go awry. So whether the flowers show up wilted, the groom gets cold feet, the chicken is overcooked, or the ceremony gets rained on, at least with a bridal emergency kit you'll be sure to still look and feel your best. Some brides choose to buy a pre-made kit that contains all the essentials in a pretty satin purse, while others create one on their own. Either way the important thing is that you are prepared for anything and everything. And, while a bridal emergency kit may not be able to make the sun shine or keep the guests dancing, it will keep you cool, confident, and in one piece. So, do you choose a premade bridal kit or make your own? The majority of kits run about $10 to $35 and include lotion, a nail file and polish, mints, a sewing kit, bobby pins, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, an ammonia inhalant, bandages, acid relief, tissues and a moist towelette. Usually the kits that cost more are nicer looking because they come in a satin purse or a cool case. A personal favorite is the Moomba Bridal Kit called the Bride's Personal Attache. For $70 you are kitted out to the max and you don't have to bother shopping for all the little things yourself. The company also makes an awesome kit for men called the Groom's Tackle Box. For do-it-yourself people, create your own stash of the necessities. Below you'll see all of the little things you'll need. Don't forget the snacks and water though! For the bride, make sure that you have straws to drink since it's easier and safer for your dress.


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