Bridal Showers Buying Guide

Traditionally thrown by the maid-of-honour with help from the bride and her family, a bridal shower is a great opportunity for the bride to take a break from wedding planning  and to rake in some great gifts .  The supplies you'll need to pull off the perfect bridal shower depend on your budget, of course, but they may also be themed to help tie the event together.  Check out some of the tips below that will help you decide on everything from invites  to favours  and décor .


Unique Shower Ideas


Maybe your bride is skipping out on the hen party or maybe her night-time wardrobe is severely lacking.  Whatever the reason, a lingerie-themed party is sets a light mood and can be easily pulled off.


  • Try making invitations in the shape of a sexy silhouette.
  • Don't forget to give the bride lots of sexy panties  and bras  to use during the honeymoon.


Have family members assemble photo albums with old pictures and detailed captions.  Blow up old photos of the bride that show off her distinct personality traits, or gather early pictures of the bride and groom when they first met.  This is a great theme if you want to go the more sentimental route.


  • Collages make great centrepieces.
  • Disposable cameras  are handy favours that can be used by guests throughout the day.


If the bride and groom-to-be are setting up home in a new locale after they tie the knot, help them get started.  Set a suitcase  by the bride's table and ask guests to place their monetary donations inside, along with small personal gifts.


  • Use faux plane tickets as invites or place mats.

Wine and Cheese 

Each guest brings two wrapped bottles of wine  and places one in a wine rack  for the bride. The other is used for the duration of the shower, where the bride and her guests can taste and enjoy along with cheese, crackers, grapes and the like.   This is a great opportunity to have guests bring their favourite wine-pairing foods and lessen the financial burden.


  • Buy plenty of champagne buckets  to keep the wines chilled at each table.
  • Tie wine glasses together with decorative ribbon and fill them with flowers to make centrepieces.


The decorations often depend on the theme you choose, but here are some basic products to help get you started.

Decor Ideas


Flower Petals 

Pot-pourri Satchels 


Again, favours may depend on the theme of the shower, but the overall rule is always be creative.  Give your guests something both memorable and useful.

Decor Ideas

For Eating/Drinking:

Gourmet Chocolates 
Exotic Teas 
Personalized Mints  (with bride and groom's name and wedding date)
Personalized Bottle of Champagne 
Mini Bottles of Liquor or Wine  

Home Décor and Accessories:

Picture Frames 
Engraved Glasses 
Photo Albums 
Small Plants 

 Spa and Beauty: 

Make-Up Brush Kit 
Bath Soaps 
Aromatherapy Bath Oils 
Body Lotions and Washes 
Bath Accessories 

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