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When it comes to the colors and styles in play. However, the bride must also remember that her attendants are most likely of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Furthermore, since it is the attendants who will be paying for the dresses, accessories, jewelry, and other odds and ends, the bride should take into account their budgets and financial situations. Ideally, if the bride can pick a dress that may be used after the wedding, all the better. Some tips to keep everyone happy: * The bride should take along her maid of honor to shop for dresses (or they can do it online first). While many people say it's fine to take along the rest of the attendants too, it's a better idea to choose one person to help out initially and cross check with everyone else later on. The reason for this is that when you get a bunch of girls shopping for one dress, it's very possible that the outing will result in arguments, hurt feelings, and stress. It's also not uncommon to have bridesmaids who live out of state; browsing online makes things accessible to everyone. * Try to keep the cost of each attendant's ensemble down as much as possible. On average, it should cost no more than $300. Don't forget, they'll also be buying gifts, throwing the bridal shower(s) and bachelorette parties, and possibly traveling to and staying over in a hotel at the wedding location. * Comfort should be of the utmost importance when choosing dresses. As the bride, try to imagine wearing the dress all day and think if it will still be comfortable. Remember, you want your bridesmaids smiling in all of the pictures, from the "getting dressed" to the after party. * If choosing the superconscious gal pal to freak out, be considerate. It's better to make a compromise on a dress than on your friendship. * For expecting bridesmaids, the recently trendy maternity bridesmaid dresses. * Suddenly, you hear one of your future bridesmaids has decided that she can't be in the wedding party (due to financial constraints, pregnancy, or other issue). Be understanding of other people's needs and if you still feel strongly that you want her to be involved in your special day, offer her the opportunity to perform another task at the wedding, such as helping handing out flowers or getting the bridal party prepped.

Dress Choices

'''How to Please Everyone''' It's not easy to flatter everyone in the bridal party. However, you can try your best to get something classic and elegant. skirts and sleeves. Here are a few ways of picking dresses that will satisfy the entire bridal party: * Don't allow the bridesmaids to choose their own dresses. You simply select a company from which to buy them from and tell them what color(s) they can choose. Then they can select any dress that flatters their body and personality, but they will still match. * To avoid potential disaster when allowing bridesmaids to choose their own dress styles in a particular color is to give them SPECIFIC guidelines. Just saying, "Oh, anything that's not too flashy or shows too much skin is okay," is simply not enough. Different people have different ideas of what "too much cleavage" means! Depending on the look you want to achieve, your guidelines will vary. Some possible suggestions you might give for the style are no dresses above the knee, no showing cleavage, and only short sleeves or strapless. You should also specify the fabric choice for the dresses. * If you have several attendants, pick only one dress style and then give the attendants a choice of colors to choose from. You can create a rainbow effect if you have six bridesmaids or more, or with less you can have them don colors from the wedding color scheme. * Choose Styles and Trends Fashionable colors for fall are rich, dark green will be seen quite a bit. Other popular colors that have graced the runway this year are: * ''Brights'' green'>lime green. * ''Pastels'' peach'>peach. * ''Pale Neutrals'' taupe'>taupe. Of course, black is always in fashion, looks great on everyone, and can easily be worn again! There are almost as many styles for bridesmaids dresses as for wedding gowns! The same basic rules apply, so check out the Fitting Tips Everyone comes in a different shape and size. Here are some tips for getting the right dress to fit each bridesmaid's bod just right. * '''Pear Shaped''' ** Halter style necklines draw the eyes up and broaden the shoulders to minimize the appearance of full hips. ** Skirts should be Shawls and jackets fill out the top to balance the weight of the lower body, especially in a long dress. * '''Tall''' ** Sashes, satin belts, and other details at the hips or waist help break up a long line. ** For ultradress'>tea length dresse balances out the body well. ** Strapless style necklines help minimize the appearance of a long torso. ** Pretty ruffles and gathered fabric helps to add curves to narrow figures. ** Long, floor-length dresses help hide a tall girl wearing flats. ** Column shapes and sheath dresses look great on long, lean ladies. * '''Petite''' ** Pairing a light sweater with a Sheaths and fitted dresses with an uninterrupted flow to them are best because they keep a long line. ** Avoid dresses that end right before your feet. They make a petite person look shrimpy. ** Higher necklines elongate the torso. * '''Large on Top''' ** Supportive seams and straps are crucial to keeping a dress comfortable. ** Wide straps and sleeves allow busty women to wear a full-coverage bra. ** A strapless style neckline can create a unidress'>sweethearts. ** Higher necklines are sometimes more appropriate and less risque. ** Pretty accents on the waist or hips help balance a bigger bust. * '''Full Figured ''' ** The dress and the detailing should all be as close to one color as possible to create a longer silhouette. ** Slim a wide waist with a darker colored sash. ** Avoid fluff and ruffles and stick to sheaths. The less fabric, the more slimming the dress. ** Pair a puffy skirt with a cute shrug or shawl to balance out the volume. ** Crossover necklines enhance cleavage, but provide support and keep you covered. ** Empire waists and halter style necklines draw the focus up to the face. They also help slim the torso. ** A-lines, skirts cut on the bias, and flowing fabrics work nicely to flow over problem areas.


Start browsing for dresses early on and once you have selected who you attendants will be, make sure that they come to get their measurements taken as soon as possible. This takes place within the first few months of wedding planning. Usually, you should order the dresses no later than six months in advance of the wedding. The same goes for the shoes and accessories. ! * When ordering the shoes, make sure to get them all dyed at the same time so that there are no color anomalies. * Fittings should start no later than three months prior to the big day. When going for fittings, the bridesmaids should bring their shoes, hosiery, proper lingerie, and other accessories that they might need. * Final fittings take place no later than one month before the wedding, after which they'll need to be picked up. * Have the ladies do a dry run without makeup about two to three weeks before the wedding to make sure that everything is in place.

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