Bridesmaids Luncheon

The days leading up to your wedding  can be hectic, so why not take advantage of tradition to relax with your close friends and family?  Hosting a bridesmaids luncheon is a time honoured tradition that provides the perfect opportunity to de-stress  while showing your girls how much you appreciate their hard work, support and friendship during this exciting transition in your life.  And the greatest thing about these get-togethers is that they're über-flexible, as they don't really have to be luncheons at all, nor do they have to he held on any specific date.

The Guests

The first step to throwing the perfect bridesmaids luncheon is to make and mail detailed invitations  to all the attendees, which will include the bridesmaids as well as the mothers of both the bride and groom and other close female friends and relatives.  If you are opting toward a less traditional luncheon, you could make the event co-ed, inviting your fiancé, his groomsmen and other close friends as well.  But the most important thing is simply ensuring that the invites have all the necessary information (date, venue, dress) as well as a cut off date for RSVPs.    

Time and Place

The bridesmaids luncheon is traditionally held the day before the wedding, as this allows for out-of-town attendees to plan ahead and be present for the event.  But if this is still a busy time for you, you may want to hold it a few weeks before the wedding, perhaps after the final dress fitting when things have hit a lull and are far less stressful.  Ultimately the decision is up to you, especially since the bridesmaids luncheon is technically not a required (and maybe not even necessarily expected) event. 

Where and what time of day you hold your bridesmaids luncheon depends on the overall feel you are trying to achieve.  If you want something formal and elegant, you may opt for a dinnertime affair complete with champagne or wine and a full course meal.  If you want to stick to the traditional luncheon idea, however, you can get away with doing something formal or something more fun--think pink cosmos and finger foods.  Brunch is also a popular time for this event, as it allows you to serve light fare and fresh fruit that will keep everyone looking trim for the big day.

While a luncheon may typically be held in your own backyard or your favourite restaurant, some more creative venues are becoming increasingly popular. 

  • Treating your bridesmaids to a spa  day can replace regular gifts and allow you an opportunity to get pampered too.
  • A barbecue  in the park allows for a more laid-back atmosphere and may be a great setting for a co-ed luncheon.
  • Your bridesmaids would love being treated to manicures ,pedicures  and cocktails .
  • Have a pajama  party so you can get comfortable, gossip and chow down on some of your favourite candies  and snacks.

The Presents

Although the luncheon is largely a time for the bride to give presents to her bridesmaids, it's also a wonderful opportunity for the bride to give gifts to her mother and mother-in-law for all of their support.  This doesn't have to be anything grand, but rather a personalized, heartfelt gesture.  Bridesmaids can also jointly give a gift to the bride at this time, although it is certainly not required--they will have already purchased their dresses ,shower gifts  and wedding gifts !

The Cake

There are a host of traditions associated with the cake served at the bridesmaids luncheon, so it might not hurt to do some internet research to see if any one idea is particularly appealing to you.  Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Baking a ring , coin or other token into the cake for one lucky bridesmaid to find.  The bridesmaid who finds it is supposed to get some good luck in love, and could possibly be the next one to marry.
  • A cake charm  pull where a variety of silver charms are hidden underneath the cake and attached to enough ribbons for each bridesmaid to select one.  Each charm has a different meaning for the recipient.

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