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CD Burners/Writers

CD burners were all the rage a few years back, but now they are becoming commonplace, pre-installed on most new computers as a standard feature. The real burning question is whether to pay extra and get a DVD burner, which also burns CDs. However, if you don't work with media content, then the CD Writer is perfect for burning your favorite MP3's, photos and documents. A CDR at 12X, it will ruin the disc! CDinterface drives are very easy to install. A drive's write speed tells you how long it will take to create a CDROM. Once you are decided on key features, simply shop based on price. If you think that installing the drive will be too difficult, buy your drive from a computer store that will perform this task for you or consider an external drive that plugs into your PC's printer port, USB port, or IEEE-1394 FireWire port. Crated CD Writer Drives:''' * Plextor PlexWriter 24/10/40A EIDE * See the articles on DVD Recorders.