CD Burners Buying Guide

Technology now enables us to burn both CDs and DVDs either on our computer  or on separate hardware  components that can be hooked up to our systems. Not only can you make copies of movies or music, but you can also record and rewrite data on this software .

Software Options

Note that for both forms of media you may be able to download free burning software  off the Internet.


CD burning software : Typically, your computer will come with a generic program as part of the system. In that case, all that is required is blank CDs  or CD-RWs . However, if your computer does not come equipped with software, you can purchase your own.

Top Brands:  ArcSoft ,NTI ,Power2Go ,Pyro ,Roxio 

DVD burning software : Most computers do not come equipped with DVD burning software but this can be purchased separately, along with some DVD-RWs , or blank DVDs . Some of this software enables video editing  in addition to DVD copying.

Top Brands: Adobe ,Clone ,Corel DVDFab ,Nero 8 

Hardware Options

Optical disc drives  (ODDs) offer users a way to record CDs and DVDs on hardware that is separately purchased from the computer. Check out our guide on RAM to read up on ODD brands and features.

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