CD Changers 

CD changers function as libraries for your massive music collection. Depending on the size of your music collection, you can opt for Jukeboxes that hold 50 to 300 discs or megadisc carousel changers and magazine players that typically hold 10 discs in a removable cartridge. Competition in the market is driving prices down to the point that there's no reason to drop more than a few hundred dollars on a quality player. ! '''PROS '''   * Convenient hassle-free storage of CD collection. No accidental scatches to CDs over the years.    * Minimal amount of space required because the CDs are conveniently housed in the carousel. No need to spend extra money on CD wallets or cases.    * Easy and organized access to your music. Play your favorite songs with the touch of a button. No booting up the computer, plugging in the MP3 player, or bothering with anything else. Plus, you don't need a computer to play your music.    * CD carousel can be easily integrated into an existing surround sound stereo component system.       * Shuffle songs from one disc or shuffle them from all 200 discs even shuffle albums. ''' CONS'''   * There are finite limits to how much capacity a CD carousel can take. Consider upgrading to a 500 disc changer. Definitely buy a changer with more space than necessary so that you can add to it. * Sometimes it's nice to just shuffle songs from one genre, in which case a 25 disc changer would be best.   

Features to Look For:

* '''Remote Control''': Essential for changing the music from across the room without having to get up. Plus, it makes changing between discs a lot more simple. * '''Random Play''': This feature allows for listening to one album the whole way through on shuffle before switching to another disc.   * '''Programmability''': Usually ranges from 20-30 songs.    * '''Repeat''': For when you can't get enough of that one song, or a particular part of it.   * '''Intro scan feature''': Great for when you get a new CD and you want a quick sample of what it has on it. * '''Headphone jack''': Essential if you live in a family home or apartment.    * '''Custom file''': Most newer models offer this feature. It enables you to make playlists, like on your iTunes for example, that play certain groupings of music or particular genres.    * '''Keyboard data entry''': This makes programming playlists and naming CDs really easy because you can use a regular PC keyboard to do so. * '''Play exchange''': Instead of stopping what you are listening to in order to go from one disc to the next, this feature allows you to do so simultaneously.