Caller ID

It rings once, twice, a third time and you wonder who could be calling at such a strange hour. Could it be the crazed ex asking for his or her TV back? Your drunken cousin calling for bail? Another telemarketer? Quite frankly, you never know who's on the other end of the line and there are certainly times when you'd rather not pick up the phone. That's why caller ID was invented. Caller ID gives you the upper hand when it comes to filtering and screening phone calls. Technology today has made it easy for everyone to get in on the trend through several methods, that you can see below. Keep in mind that with all caller ID systems, you must sign up with your local phone provider to get the service. Cost for the service varies from area to area.

Buying Tips

* Look for a box or phone that you find pleasing to look at, as it will make up part of your deskscape or home d├ęcor. * If you have any vision problems, consider those models with ultraer. * Make sure that if you want to be able to use call waiting, that the caller ID box you select has that feature. For example, the GE Call Waiting and Caller ID System does both and only costs $10. * When shopping, don't forget to consider the total cost of the services, plus the cost for the device.

Cool Caller ID Boxes

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