Caller ID Boxes Buying Guide

Though most telephones these days are already equipped with caller ID , you might have a novelty phone  lying around the house that you just can't bear to part with, and not knowing who is ringing you is simply not an option.  That's where this guide comes in!  With a caller ID box  or card , you'll be able to set up your sister's princess phone  so she can screen all her would-be suitors, install that 1950s pay phone  in your kitchen for that touch of whimsy (and to dissuade your teenagers from hogging the line!), or configure your computer to monitor incoming calls.

Caller ID Options

Caller ID Box 

A caller ID box is the easiest way to configure an existing phone with this helpful technology.  An added benefit is that most boxes are usually quite inexpensive, but there is the downfall that they will take up counter space, so in cramped quarters, you might want to explore other options.

Phone with Caller ID 

It's very simple now to find telephones that already have caller ID, so your problem here will be trying to sift through the masses to find the one that best suits you.  We recommend checking our our guide to Cordless Phones for more information on the subject.

Caller ID Card 

These can be inserted into your computer so you can monitor calls while you're typing.  Often, the corresponding software will allow you to track and record incoming and outgoing calls, so this could be a definite benefit for your home office set-up.

Buying Tips

  • Look for a caller ID display that has larger numbers so you don't have to strain your eyes (this is especially relevant if you already have vision problems).
  • The caller ID service may cost extra, so make sure you factor that price into your budget before you make your purchase.
  • If you also have call waiting, make sure take that into account. A number of cordless phones offer call waiting with caller ID .

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