Camping Kitchenware Buying Guide

Just because you're camping  doesn't mean you have to rough it.  With the right kitchen equipment , you can ditch the freeze-dried treats and the trail mix for piping hot meals each day.  They key to good camping cookware  is practicality--whatever is easy to use over an open flame, easy to clean and easy to store for long hikes out on the trail is what you want to invest in.  Ensuring that your food and drinks can be kept cool, if necessary, is also important, so don't forget about coolers  and insulated lunch boxes  and mugs .  For some more ideas on handy cooking products  and utensils .

Pots, Pans and Dishes 

When you're out in the wilderness it's all about getting back to basics.  And what's a more basic piece of kitchenware than the pot you cook in?  Just make sure to look for strong handles on pots and pans that resist heat so you can grip them over an open flame, and hooks to hang cookware up to dry after washing.

Pots and Pans 

Stick to materials that are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand some serious heat from an open flame.  Such materials may include non-stick aluminium, titanium, cast iron and stainless steel. 

Metal Dishes 

Dishes made of titanium or aluminium are great for camping because they can be banged around in your backpack without getting damaged and are very easy to clean--just hose them off! 

Mess Kits 

Mess kits contain all the basic cookware you need, including a pot, drinking cup/measuring cup, pan and dish.  This is great if it's just you out in the woods, or it can make for easy storage and clean-up if each member of the camping party has one.


If you don't want to buy separate pieces, many companies making camping cooksets out of durable metals.  Cooksets can include everything from frying pans to kettles ,pots ,cutting boards  and coffee boilers .

Utensils, Cups and Mugs

You can't cook or eat what you've grilled up without the proper utensils, and some products are designed specifically for camp cooking.  The same goes for cups and other containers that need to keep liquids clean and drinkable while being easy to use and store. 

Folding Utensils 

Folding Chopsticks 

Nothing is more handy or more portable.  Folding utensils can be easily washed and kept clean in a nylon zip pouch and placed in the pocket of your backpack. 

A Trusty Spork 

If you really don't have a lot of room, why not use this spoon and fork combo?  Some sporks come in foldable versions as well. 

Meal Kits 

Camping meal kits focus specifically on serving the meal, rather than cooking it.  They usually include one dish, one bowl, one cup and a knife, fork and spoon. 

Strong Cooking Utensils 

Like your pots and pans, the cooking utensils you use should be made of durable, non-stick materials like titanium or Teflon.  Useful pieces include a spatula for burgers, a ladle for stew and serving spoons. 

Camping Cups 

Camping cups can be completely collapsible or have handles that fold to make them easier to store.   

Insulation Galore

Some like it hot and others like it cold.  Either way, insulation is your friend when you hit the great outdoors. 

Picnic Coolers 

Picnic coolers are great for day trips.  They usually have several insulated compartments for storing food and drinks, as well as pouches for silverware and cooking utensils. 

Water Bottles 

Water bottles can keep your drinking water cool and clean easily.  If you want to forgo the typical Nalgene, newer bottles are now fit with handy Purifiers. 

Insulated Travel Cups and Mugs 

If you're camping in the cold, nothing can make you feel better than a warm fire and a hot cup of tea.  These cups are durable and keep your drinks steaming. 

Insulated Lunch Bags and Drink Carriers 

Insulated lunch bags and drink carriers (some made specifically for wine) are great for keeping snacks cool on a day-long hike. 

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